when is the best and cheapest month to get married in colorado?

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    1 decade ago
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    summer is spendy. but so is winter. try an off-season month like April! or October.

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    My husband and I came from Europe to get married in Colorado, as my parents live there. Summer is the most expensive time to get married, and also everything is booked up very quickly. My friend is getting married in August in CO in the mountains, and it's also been difficult to find enough guest lodging because everywhere is booked on an August weekend! However, if you want a summer wedding you could probably get a better rate if you got married on a Sunday or weekday.

    Spring is pretty, but the weather is very unpredictable. Many areas get their biggest snowfalls in the spring, and think of the near daily lightning storms! If you're getting married in a city, though, this might not be as big of a concern for you.

    Autumn has become more popular for weddings, as the nice weather _can_ last through September and into October (at the lower altitudes). Keep in mind, however, that winter comes early at the higher altitudes, and heavy snow in September and October isn't unheard of. My parents went to an October wedding in Allenspark, which was actually planned to be outdoors! It ended up being sunny, but very cold. The guest shivered through it, but the couple had planned a butterfly release at the end of the ceremony. It was so cold, the butterflies had gone dormant, and rather than fly away they clung to the guests! Back at the reception, once they had re-warmed they came back to life and the hall was filled with butterflies! Not expected, but very pretty.

    Finally, winter. I got married in Estes Park in December, and as long as you don't get married on a holiday weekend, most non-ski resorts offer 'off season' rates for December. You can expect snow in the mountain resort areas, however winter is 'typically' one of the driest times of the year along the front range and lower altitude mountains. That said, the day of our marriage we woke up to a 'once in a century' blizzard, and couldn't make it to the church! The officiant came to us at the hotel, and it was actually quite beautiful in the end.

    In general, weekdays will save you money, and prices are lowest in late autumn and early spring (also winter in non-ski areas). Particularly at higher altitudes, it's difficult to predict how the weather will be on any given day, but that's part of the fun of Colorado! At lower altitudes and the plains, you'll 'probably' have a dry day in early winter, and a very hot day during summer! Good luck with your planning...I can highly recommend my vendors. If you're interested, please sent me an e-mail.

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    Winter is definitely the cheapest. However some service providers dont vary their prices because of the season (Eg photographers and some reception centers). be sure the people u use alter their prices to suit the season and good luck!

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