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Does anyone have any ideas???

I'm writing a fantasy book right now, and i'm stuck. I just need an action-packed idea right now, or a sad idea or anything to turn the story in a twist or just throw something in there and any idea will be accepted. It's getting to the point where it's either I get to the end of the story way to quick or throw some little mihaps in and make it more interesting -- plz, any ideas??! thanks!!

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    Well I agree with those other people but scandals are never bad like death(out of nowhere murders,and suicides of course explained later on) cheating, lies. Public humiliation is always good if the book is geared towards younger audiences.

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    Back your protagonist into a corner then try to figure a way to escape. Or, have your protagonist realize the goal only to discover that it was not what was expected. Now something else is really needed.

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    i need to know more in order to give some meaningful ideas. like when you say fantasy, is that like anime? harry potter? dungeons and dragons? if so i really can't help you, as i am completely clueless about those topics. so add some details! 8)

  • Well sorry but I can't really help unless I know whats going on in the scene then i could really help, email me the scene and I'll give you an answer...

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