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does Claire's have good quality piercing earrings?

I am going to get my ears pierced and i want to know if claire's has good quality piercing earring? and what is the cost of the most expensive earrings that they offer when you get your ears pierced?

please note- i do not want to hear you babbling on and on about if the guns are unclean and harmful and stuff. i already made up my mind and i am getting them done with a gun. THANKS

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    yea, there pretty good. that's where most young girls go to get there ears pierced so they have good experience. oh, & the one's that i got there cost around $40 but that was in the middle. they have ones that cost less & cost more.

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    I got my second holes done there about two years ago, bad decision - the jewelry is of sub-par quality (usually nickel-plated, sometimes gold - which is bad for new piercings because it's so soft - and maybe a "sensitive" type) and the earrings are usually $20 a pair or so, and they will pierce you for free.

    I got a lot of scar tissue from the piercings. The gun was a bad idea, and the jewelry wasn't good. Their cleaning instructions and "solution" are not what any professional would recommend.

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    no and get them done with a needle. piercers have a high quality and many varieties of metal and stules to choose from. claires has gold plated crap. your ears will heal better wiht a needle than a gun... piercers are just as fast as the guns if not faster...

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    Have no fear, Claire's is extremely porfessional and sanitary in every aspect of ear piercing. most of the claire's stores will offer free earrings with the ear piercing, at least they did for me.

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    For me one of the girls did one earring higher up so they had to redo one. It looked fine though and there's absolutely no way any can tell it happened. Despite that, I'd say they do a good job and everyone I know liked them too.

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    i have had my ears done by claires. just go to a shop where the peircing people arent creepy.

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    Yes they are good quality! I think they are gold.

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