guy is this good enough to drop him?

okay, i met this guy recently, we arent anything special, but the way he talks to me makes it sound like were on the road of romance. hes always like "you make me smile, i cant believe you dont have a boyfriend i would so want to be yours" & says a lot of things close to that. today i went on his myspace & saw how other girls are commenting him more specifically saying ""1. i got a new picture. i think its default material, but i need your approval before i can make that change, you never called me back last night, you are my favorite person ever, i love you.=] " im not stalking, im just protecting my heart. theres a bunch of other girls too saying things like not calling me back etc.. Now i know why he hardly picks up on the phone bc hes probably on the phone w another girl, saying the same words to them as he says to me. when he calls what do i say? how do i bring this up in a none obsessed way. & ugh im so deeply confused i thought things were going to be great for us. thanks..

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  • Marc M
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, that should be sufficient evidence. If it's one or two girls, maybe give him the benefit of the doubt. This guy sounds like a total player, and (if you stay in the relationship), don't complain later if things go horribly wrong...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cut your losses and your phone bill and ditch this guy back where he came from. If one girl said you never call ... well ok... if a whole myspace full of girls say you never call... get a hint... hes not gunna call. For some guys getting the girl is more fun then keeping the girl

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