my firefox process is taking a lot of memory? is it normal?

its taking 40-50,000 mem and 10ish cpu.

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    1 decade ago
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    With firefox this is totally normal. You can try certain things to reduce the memory usage.

    Firefox dynamically assigns memory cache usage. If you wanna specify the memory cache capacity yourself, do it by first typing 'about:config' (without quotes) in the Firefox address bar and add a new preference(right click on the about:config page and select new -> integer) and name it as browser.cache.memory.capacity and specifiy the integer value in KB ...however this should depend on the amount of physical RAM you got.If you've got 256 MB of ram, this should be around 4096. For 512 MB RAM this should be between 6500 and 8000. So experiment with the memory cache capacity and see what works best for you.

    Not to mention, the changes will be reflected and seen when you type 'about:cache?device=memory' (without quotes) in address bar. Here you can see the max storage size, storage in use..etc...

    Also, add another preference , right click on about:config page and select new->boolean. type in config.trim_on_minimize as the preference name and set it as 'true' . This tweak is for lowering down firefox memory usage when you minimize it.

    Another memory tweak is to reduce memory usage by affecting the back and forward browsing, read about this from here

    Also if you use too many extensions , disable some of them temporarily. That'll reduce some of the memory usage. If you don't know already, disable them by clicking Tools-> Add-ons-> Extensions->Here select the addon which you don't require all the time and hit 'disable'. The addons themselves can bog down firefox and some of them can pose a memory leak issue. The article about problematic and memory hogging extensions is here . Also make sure you're using the latest stable version of firefox.

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    the current version of FF has a *known* memory leak. check the website for an update.The CPU/memory usage may also be caused by the site you are visiting (javascript-intensive).

    go to a "normnal" (whatever that is) web site without games and see if the sluggishness persists.

    consider emptying the browser cache.

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    you'll have to be more specific as to how much memory, i think you mean that in kilobytes...but yea it usually takes about 30 to 50 megabytes of ram to run it....and if your using tabs (which is better than using multiple windows of it) it will increase...sometimes to over 100 megabytes, but yea its normal...i stopped using firefox because of that and also because not everything is automaticly compatible with it...

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    u mean the cache? just check in ur options u can set what ever u want

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    if its loading a page or has many tabs open then yeah that's normal.

  • 1 decade ago

    my ffx takes 68824.. i guess its pretty normal or urs is way better.. :)

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