International Paper: "xpedx"??

I am near Atlanta, Georgia. There is a company around Atlanta called "International Paper", which is advertising a sales associate position for a business called 'xpedx Paper and Graphics'. Can anyone tell me more about this position? It's listed under the "Manufacturing" category, for whatever reason. But it's stated to be a sales position. They claim a work schedule of "no late nights or sundays". I have a pretty good sales background in office supplies and general Retail sales of Technology products (Office Depot tech guy). I'm wondering what this place pays for a 'sales associate', and if this is a stable company with good opportunities and pay...or a crappy company with poor pay and a ton of workload. I'm at almost $10/hr where I am now...but I'm wondering what this place would start off at. Has anyone worked there before, to be able to tell me? Not sure if it's worth applying to or not. Thanks. :-)


Their description states: "xpedx Paper & Graphics is a leading supplier of paper, office products and graphics supplies." Is this something like Office Depot, Office Max, etc....or a more professional and 'industrial' focused company? It's specifically for a retail's not an outside or telemarketing position, that I do know.

The only other description is: "Safety first, responsibilities include, but are not limited to: providing excellent customer service, stocking, shipping/receiving and store upkeep. Individual must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.

Applicants must be 18+. High school diploma or equivalent required."

Finally...I'm just wondering how big their stores are in general. They seem to have various 'divisions' of International Paper...from actual warehouse manufacturing (do they do their own??), to retail administrative stuff.

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    Hi Im a printer and I know about Xpedx... They used to be "Kirk" paper and In California Im sure they are "Kelly Papers" Biggest competitor. Basically they sell paper and printing supplies to printshops. They used to have "self help" stores but Im not sure if they do anymore.. they closed the one in Escondido, CA. years ago. My guess is that the job is your basic customer service job where you stand behind a counter and help people load cases of paper and envelopes into thier car. It probably starts about $10/hr, but it never hurts to call and ask.. what do you have to lose? You have a job now :)

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