What are some good drinks that I can buy my friend for her 21st birthday?

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    1 decade ago
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    My favorite shot is an O-Baby.

    Its a Red Bull drop shot.

    You put a splash of orange juice into half a glass of Red Bull and then drop in a shot of Bacardi O rum and chug it! Its yummy -- tastes just like an orange Tic-Tac!

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    I second the Long Island Ice Tea-it will get you a buzz but the taste is well masked by the cola taste.

    Other than that, I recommend red wine at a red wine tasting. Margaritas are always a good choice.

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    A Texas Tittie Tugger



    Red Bull

    Orange Juice

    Twist of Lime

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    I would say fruity drinks, since this is all that I drink. I would suggest a Mai Tai, Bahama Mama or Midori Sour.

    Just remember, since they are so fruity, the alcohol will sneak up on you!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cruzan Cofusion.... Cruzan Mango Rum, Cruzan Coconut and OJ...YUMMY drink

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    i'd say go fruity. here are some of the drinks i had when i turned 21 and liked:

    -sex on the beach

    -malibu and pineapple

    -vodka and cranberry

    -white russian (not fruity but its still a good first drink)

    -whiskey sour

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    if she doesn't drink yet, or hasn't ever, get her something mildly alcoholic without much of an aftertaste such as a smirnoff apple twist, or mike's hard lemonade, or maybe even a wine cooler.

    if she parties, get her some of her favorite whiskey (if she likes it) but maybe an expensive beer or lager would tell her you "care"

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    Three Wise Men: Jim, Jack, and Jose

    Prairie Fire: Tequila and tabasco

    Unless you like them, then go for something else.

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    If you are looking for shots I would say the absolute best is one called a "bl*wj*b" It is chocolately with whipped cream on top :)

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