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Real Estate in New York?

I'm wondering, what are some good real estate companies in New York State?

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    "Nobody in the World sells more real estate than RE/MAX!"


    But, I guess I'm just biased!

    Source(s): I'm a RE/MAX REALTOR
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    I'm an intern at The Real Estate Group New York. If you're looking for an apartment in Manhattan, we're a good firm to try because we have our own database of unique properties and release price trend reports every month. We work just in Manhattan though, so if you were looking for somewhere else in New York State then we can't really help you. But good luck! :)

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    actual sources isn't consumer-friendly those days. you initiate up by fantastic your license at an enterprise that has good classes for brand spanking new brokers. they don't park you in front of a few stupid video clips or webinars, they get you actual instruction. How long it takes you to make it to the precise relies upon on you.

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    I wouldn't prioritize trying to assess the company, as much as the individual agent. Since it is the agent who you have all the contact with. All agents have access to the mls, thus have information on the same homes. What is important is how quickly they respond to you, their willingness to educate you on unfamiliar processes, their patience and essentially how much their personality is a good fit with yours.

    Source(s): A Connecticut realtor for 5 years.
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