What Does It Mean When You Hear A Spirit Moaning?

Well, my dad died 3 days ago, and on the 2nd day after his death, me and my sister were going into the house cause we had to go to the restroom. When my sister was done, i was going in, when we heard someone moan twice in the same room that my dad died in (from lung cancer). So we knew it must have been him. So I just wanted to know what it meant, and why he was moaning. Could he possible still be in pain? ='(

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    No one can really answer this question because no one really knows exactly what a ghost is, or why it might or might not exist.

    Some people have theorized that ghosts, (or at least some ghosts), are sort of just psychic imprints left in an area. These would supposedly have no real consciousness. In this case, your father's spirit wouldn't actually be there and he wouldn't be in pain. You would just be picking up on residual spiritual energy.

    An older belief regarding spirits is that a part of one's soul or spirit remains on Earth for three days after death. This portion is sort of a husk or shell that is thrown off as the main soul leaves. After three days, this portion basically dissolves away to nothing. Again, in this case, it wouldn't really be your father's spirit, or at least not an important part of it.

    I personally suspect that in some cases, a spirit may be confused and stay in an area for a time after death. I think that souls in this position are in sort of a dream-like state where they cannot accurately perceive anything around them, or can only do so intermittently. If this was happening to your father's spirit, he wouldn't really be in pain, but he would be sort of "dreaming" about his recent experiences in life.

    At any rate, due to the fact that spirits don't have physical bodies, it is very unlikely that they can suffer physical pain. They might suffer some sort of psychological pain in cases where they were extremely unhappy for some reason, but any physical pain they might think they are in would be illusionary and probably fleeting.

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    I highly doubt it is his ghost moaning in the room. I know this is harsh, but he is dead, and cannot connect with you anymore until you too are dead. Maybe not even then. More likely you are going through the painful ordeal of letting go of your father, and are imagining him around. It's a perfectly normal healthy way to grieve, and soon it will no longer happen to you. I understand the pain you must be going through, but your father is in no way still suffering. Wherever he is now, he must be much happier and feeling much better than he was when he was suffering with cancer. Rather than mourn his passing, rejoice in the new life he has found, and keep his memory close to your heart. Though it never seems enough, that is the only thing you can do now.

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    I honestly don't believe in ghosts, and I believe that spirits go somewhere after this life, that they don't hang around. My honest explanation for what you heard was wishful thinking, you wanted any kind of sign from your dad, and a simple noise manifested itself to you as a moan. I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad, I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through, but I hope that you can hope that his spirit is happy where it is at.

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    you're top, you're possessed by ability of an evil spirit/demon. I in basic terms advised him to bypass away however so which you may desire to be ok now. What you may desire to do now's be sure you are not getting attacked back. How those demons artwork is they say issues and make you think of strategies which you in many situations does not do. they % you to have faith which you're going loopy and which you're previous help. fortunately, those are all lies. each thing that a demon says is a lie. So what to do from right here on end? Be with different people who will comprehend what you're dealing with, which ability they have went by way of it and can furnish suggestion and techniques as to the thank you to triumph over this journey. you desire convenience from those human beings and alleviation to renowned which you're actually not on my own (and maximum severely no longer loopy!!!) think of roughly it, can loopy human beings rationalize, comprehend, and convenience human beings? So...you're actually not loopy, relax certain. finally, pray approximately this. you will get carry of large convenience, education, and understanding from this.

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    I have no idea if you are a Christian or not but I am so I must answer as a Christian.

    I agree that you are adjusting to your father's death and because of that you are vulnerable to thoughts and temptaions.

    If you did hear something, it was *not* your father.

    It was Satan (evil spirit) tempting you and putting thoughts in your mind to try to lead you astray later on.

    When a person dies they know nothing of what is going on in this world (they are not in this world.)

    Source(s): "Word" of God
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    No, you were hearing something else that sound like a moan. Your father is not still in pain.

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    I would say someone was in that room grieving over him. Many people moan in grief when a loved one dies.

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    You're going through psychosis

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychosis You should really get help. I've seen this first hand make people go insane and do things. Sorry about your loss
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    It meanz Ur fatherz soul is cring 2 u that u believe in god and save Ur life

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    I doubt he's still in pain. If he was a believer then he is in heaven and his pain left him when he passed.

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