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I'm doing the master cleanse and I have band camp coming up in a week. I was wondering if it would be safe to continue the fast during camp(2 weeks long) and be ok physically. and camp is serious, we march in a block, sweating nonstop 8-12 and march some more, 4-5

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    I hope you understand my english. I am doing the master cleanse too and I am reading the book. You need to read that book! is amazing.

    The book say that the cleanse is just taking all the toxins out of your body. If you feel tired during the diet is just because all the toxins are going out in your blood but one time they are out you will feel great. The book say too that people that works hard (like in constructions for example) and are doing this diet, feel with more energy while the diet clean their bodies.

    Is very sad that many people don't know about this diet or don't believe in it. This is the most amazing thing that you can do for your body and your mind. The first days of the diet I was feeling sick but now I am starting to feel great! I feel happy and healthy!

    Please don't stop the diet. If you do it you will feel sick but if you continue drinking your lemonade you will feel great after. Remember that is for minimum 10 days and you will know when the cleanse is read when you see your tongue very pink (no dirty).

    Read the book and follow all the recipes for after the diet and congratulations for be so smart and clean your body of all the toxins!!! I was a little doubtful about this diet but now that I see the result I am thinking: "Why I never did this?" I look so healthy already. Remember that this is a diet for clean your body and one time you have all the toxins out obviously you will have a better body. You will lose weight and the most important is that you will feel like a new person. Good luck!

    Source(s): Me and the book of the master cleanse.
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    If you're fasting you want to do as little physical activity as possible. Actually if you can just sit there and not move -- great... Seriously, for your personal health it's probably best to wait until you return form camp.

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    Cleanse Diets Don't Work. They will make you lose water weight. Diet and Exercise are the one methods to reduce weight competently. one million-2lbs every week is a dependable and fair quantity to lose every week.

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    yea that would be what you call a bad idea

    our band does like the same thing and I know pleople were getting sick and passing out last year so not eating would be very unsafe

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    Most definitely NOT. You could get heatstroke or very ill from not taking care of yourself. Such regimens should NEVER be done while putting the body through more rigorous circumstances.

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    you might pass out especially if you play a big instrument ..........i don't think it is ok physically you could potentially be taken to the hospital during that time

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