Need help in writing a international business paper, starting own company.?

You own your own company and would like to “go global!” Research a potential market and product to get your export operations started and present your findings to potential investors. Explain how and why you chose your market and product.

• Description of product to be exported

• Characteristics of target market

o GNP/capita

o GNP/capita growth rate

o Size of market

• Market screening

o Basic need potential

o Exchange rate trends

o Import restrictions

o Price controls

o Government and public attitude toward buying American products

o Size, number, and financial strength of competitors

o Sociocultural forces

 Attitudes and beliefs

 Languages

 Education

• Export marketing strategies

o Promotion methods

I have a few ideas but could really use some outside advise too.

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    The sunscreen market in Brazil is booming. You could be a US manufacturer of sunscreen and wish to export your product to Brazil and produce locally by FDI or by licensing your product to independent manufacturers.

    Another idea would be opening a health club chain in Latin America some where.

    Does it have to be a product? What about a service? You could own your own marketing consulting company and you speak Mandarin or Spanish. That would be HUGE! If you had the explicit knowledge of a foreign language like that and the experience/tacit knowledge of putting marketing plans in action you could make a killing in emerging markets like China, Mexico, and Chile.

    You could offer your marketing services to businesses in that respective market. You could set up satellite sales and operations offices in those respective countries (although opening in multiple countries at once may be a bit too much for a paper - just an idea) as well and train your salesforce and marketing consultants.

    You main theme for foreign businesses could be: how to penetrate the US (manufacturing/high-tech/medical device/software) market.

    Oh more thing - Good luck!

    Source(s): Did a lot of these papers as an undergrad in my international business classes.
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