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who saw the movie 1408??

how did you like it?? did it scared you? i saw it and i didn't get scared one bit.

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    You didn't get scared?!? Not one bit? did you have your eyes open?

    I love scary movies and I loved it. I thought it was unpredictable, suspenseful and very original. I hadn't read the story but I hear even people who read the Stephen King story it was based on were in suspense waiting to see how much Hollywood changed the written story.

    I really like the movie. It's not gory. Some movies depend on blood and guts and gore to get an emotional reaction from the audience. No, not 1408! It scared you with the unknown, the wondering what would happen next but it wasn't gross. But, definitely, a psychological thriller. I was gasping at parts! I mean, you could almost see people in the audience leaning forward in their seats eager to see what was going to happen next!

    John Cusack and Samuel L.Jackson gave excellent performances! And the things that happened, well, at first you're wondering if it's coincidence or truly something evil then things escalate and you're just breathless wondering what's coming next.

    I loved it and am recommending it to everyone. One of the best scary movies that I've ever seen!

  • Geena
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    Me, too horrorlover!

    I was sooo hoping for a scary movie, but it wasn't creepy at all. I read reviews and really prepared to be frightened, but the only thing that shocked me was the shock after John Cusack is watching his reflection in the window in the opposite building.

    I think horror movies need atmosphere and more of a suggestion of unknown monsters or ghosts, like my favorite movie called The Haunting made in 1963. I watched that in a special midnight show a few years ago and it was still scary even though it's black and white!

    And when John Cusack starts to hallucinate, we can't trust his eyes so everything is even less scary than before.

    I felt like all the reviewers that said that 1408 scared the heck out of them are completely different from me. I was disappointed and felt like I should have watched Pirates of the Caribbean instead.

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    1 decade ago

    i don't think it was meant to really scare you, but to freak you out. i was freaked out throughout the movie. AWESOME MOVIE!

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    it was pretty good, not at all like i thought it would be

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