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Is there any repellant (synthetic or natural) to deter spiders from entering your house?

I am extremely fearful of spiders. I have tried to get past my fears but I can't, the only spiders I tolerate are daddy long legs, and anything else literally terrifies me. If I see a spider I either throw a book at it to smush it (sorry, I cannot stand them) or I vacuum it up, but I'll end up staying awake all night with the lights on because I am so frightened of them. I don't care where they live outside, but when they get in my house I just freak out so I was wondering, is there any sort of repellant, either a chemical spray or something existing in nature that wouldn't be toxic that spiders hate and that would keep them away? I know this sounds a bit hysterical, but I have a phobia of them and I just would feel safer if I could keep them out. I know very little about pest control so I don't know if there is any sort of spray available or not. Any ideas on what I can do to keep them out of my home? Or at least to try to keep them out? Thanks. :)

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    Try putting basil leaves in the corners of rooms. My mom did that, and while they were there, i didnt see any spiders in my room. As soon as she threw them away, they came back.

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    Never heard of using basil leaves - - worth a try.

    I bought very cheap vegetable oil and sprayed in around outside of the house - - bugs do not like crossing the oil & get stuck when try. Now the ones in the house or not hatched yet. Spray bug spray around baseboards, where the ceiling meets walls, & down the corners. Also, the backs of furniture near walls, around each window frame & door. The spray inside should last a year unless washed off. The vegetable oil outside will last until next heavy rain or until next spring.

    This will cover topic for all other bugs, too. Sleep well.

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    you may borrow my cat Jessica - she is a grasp at spider amassing and ingesting. aside from that there is a plug you should purchase from Robert Dyas or different hardware shops which will deter the spiders coming in. we've a mosquito plug interior the mattress room and have not had any in because this handed off. stable success

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    Have you ever seen those big green ball looking things that fall off of trees. In Pennslyvania we call them "Monkey Balls". I don't know what kind of tree they come from and I don't know the real name of the balls, but in SW PA all of the people put them in their basements in the windows and in the corners and they say it keeps the spiders out.

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    Stop throwing books at them, seriously, i was getting them in the house a lot until i caught one and put it outside in a bush. Havent seen one in the house in weeks now ( very unusual in my area). I know it makes no sense, but catch one and put it outside.

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    not really, the fact is... at any time, your within 3 feet of a spider...

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