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Refined my deck a bit..rate/suggestions please?


Island Turtle

Vampire Lord

Crimson Ninja

Gemini Elf x2

Mystic Swordsman LV2/4/6

Old Vindictive Mag.

Archfiend Soldier

Soul Tiger

Skilled Dark Mag x2

G. Soldier of Stone

Mask of Darkness

Goblin Atk F. x2

Chaos Comm. Magician.

Gravekeepers Guard

Dark Magician

Buster Blader

Dark Paladin

Penguin Soldier

Swift Gaia

Royal Mag. Library

Mys. Elf

Luster D. #1



Divine Wrath


Bad Reaction to Simochi

7 Tools

Dust Tornado

Torr. Tribute

M. Cylinder

M. Force

Call of H.

Shadow Spell


Mys. Space

Mage Power

Light. Vortex

Swords of Rev./Con. Light


Heavy Storm

Pre. Burial

Nobleman of Cross./Ext.



Snatch Steal

Nightmare Steelcage

Giant Trunade

Focus on Spellcaster/Warrior...I will be getting 3 Sakuretsu's in about a week...any suggestions for things to remove/add are welcome and rate out of 10 please


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    don't worry about it just make your deck the way you like it and just bealeav in your self have confedent and get your game on then you can win any challeng!

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    5/10 your monster selection is all over the road, you said you'd like to go in the spellcaster direction so I'll give you a deck list of one that works and you can build for under $30.

    19 monsters

    1-cybernetic magician

    1-chaos command magician

    2-magical marionette

    3-gemini elf

    2-snipe hunter

    2-mystic tomato


    3-peten the dark clown

    2-aprentice magician

    2-magical scientist

    13 spells

    2-magical dimension

    2-brain control

    1-snatch steal

    1-heavy storm

    1-mystical space typhoon

    2-smashing ground

    2-rush recklessly

    1-pot of avarice

    1-premature burial

    8 traps

    2-sakuretsu armor

    1-call of the haunted

    2-bottomless traphole

    1-torrential tribute

    1-transmigration profecy

    1-magic cylinder

    this is a fairly easy deck to assemble since all these cards (except Chaos command magician and cybernetic magician) are available as common cards.

    Source(s): judge and collector
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    Your deck has good cards but you have too many try using good combination

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    why do you want our opinion it doesnt matter what you have in your deck its how you duel

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