How does international mail work?

If I want to send a package from western Europe to the US, how do I do that?

I get the idea of put stamp on paper -->put in mailbox-->wait. But, can I use US stamps, or do I need to use the stamps of the country I am coming from? If I need to use the local stamps, where can I find how much they are?

Also, how do I write the address? Does the zip code or USA come first? i.e.

1234 Main St.

Anywhere, TX

02134 USA OR USA 02134

I'm not sending anything important, but I would like to be able to send a few postcards!

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    If you're sending a box from, say, UK to Los Angeles, address your box like this:


    1234 Main Street

    Anywhere, TX 00000

    United States

    Always use the abbreviation for the state, which you can find online. Always use the zip code after the state, and put "US or United States underneath the regular address.

    You can use stamps from your own country, just make sure you have enough stamps to actually get your package to where it has to go. Your local mail office can do this for you. It should take about a week to ten days to arrive.

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    Well first you need to use the stamps where you are at and to get the stamps go to there food market to get them and if you don't know where that is at then use the Internet to find it and if you don't have and Internet then ask around for more help.

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