How much would it cost to get epoxy flooring for my garage?

We got our first house and really know nothin about garage floors besides the fact that ours was very dirty. I decided to paint it like you would paint a wall. And well, yeah, that was a dumb idea. Paint began to wear and oil stains are show through the paint ( shoulda removed them first). Well i want to get my garage floor done with epoxy. Just wondering how much the cost would be for a 400 sq ft garage., with major oil stains and cracking on bottom lining to the wall.

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    1 decade ago
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    I have used the Behr product. You will have to Wash the concrete first witha Behr degreaser, Then use a behr acid etch prep. Then use a behr primer and then put 2 coats of the epoxy floor coat. It is very scrubbable after curing. I know you can't frive on it for several days after you finish and there are drying times between steps. Be careful too your vehicle may leave hot tire marks on the floor. I would also reccomend using a anti-slip in the epoxy.

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    Rustoleum makes the best product for garage floors. It looks freat. Lats forever and is affordable. you can get @ home depot

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