can an ultrasound determine gender at 12-13 weeks?

i am going in for my first ultrasound, i am around 12-13 weeks pregnant. would it be able to determine the baby's sex this early? also, are any of those old wives tales true? the baby's heartbeat was 170, so according to the old wives tales, it should be a girl....

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    My doctor said they could determine the gender b/w 18-20 weeks (just like link below). When I called the specialist to schedule my appt, she said if we wanted to know the sex, we'd be better off waiting until 20 weeks. My baby was uncooperative, so we still don't know. The heartbeat was 162, so my hubbie thinks it's a girl, but I've heard that is not always true. However, at this same point my son was 129. I think some of it depends on genetics. Unfortunately, to really know, you'll have to wait and you can only know for sure if you get an amnio (but I wouldn't wish that on anyone, my girlfriend miscarried at 19 weeks right after hers, which is rare, but they are still painful). You will get to see some pretty amazing things, but most of them will look like blurs to you, and the tech will point out all of the features. Best of luck to you!

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    The sonographer or doctor doing the scan CANNOT be absolutely certain of the sex at 13 weeks. The baby is still too small, which is why you're told to wait til your 16 week or 20 week scan, when the baby is bigger. The sonographer can say that they THINK it COULD be a boy or girl, but they woud tell you that it's still early, that they're just making a guess based on what they see.

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    I think it would be difficult to determine gender at this point via ultrasound but possible with the most sensitive high tech equipment. I wouldn't rely on any guesses and get your hopes up. Also the oldwives tales are just that "old tales" they have no merrit. if your gut instinct says girl then i bet its a girl.

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    You probably won't be able to tell. The external genitalia don't start forming until 12 weeks, and they aren't very visible until 16 weeks. That's about the earliest you can reliably tell.

    The wives' tales didn't work with me - my son had the fastest heartbeat of my 3 kids.

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  • Loulla
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    The baby's sex can't be determined at this scan, it's generally done at 20 weeks.

    My advice is not to listen to old wives tales as they're invariably the stuff of co-incidence!!

    Source(s): Personal experience-31 weeks pregnant.
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    that old wives tale wasn't true for me.....I found my babies sex at 14weeks..The ultra sound tech said to me that she can usually see a boy earlier because of obvious reasons. But don't start painting the room a certain color that early. Wait longer and get a 2nd ultrasound to confirm

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    When I had my son, they told me they couldn't tell until I was 18 weeks. My son also had a fast heartbeat and the doctor said "I'll bet it's a girl," but I had a boy.

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    its very hard because the baby will be very small. and its 170 because there's not much places it can go...they'll schedule you another in 8 weeks, so be patient, you'll see it then.

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