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My friend is spending the night! What should we do for fun? We're 13 and Girls!?

We can't think of anything so what are some fun things to do?

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    I love your question. Wish I was 13 and there, but I'm an old fart now girls. (35) SIGH!

    Okay, here are some a digital camera? Take some crazy pictures and make a book on Picaboo.

    Go "old school" and play some games like Clue, Life, Monopoly just for kicks.

    Find something to buy on ebay that only you two will

    You could go to the craft store tomorrow (too late now) and get a stepping stone kit and make a stepping stone. They have ones that are flip flops and they are cute.

    Invite me over.....Oh, Sorry!

    Paint the toenails, of course.

    HAVE FUN! Get to know each other by writing 10 questions on a piece of paper that you want answered and that you would be willing to answer yourself. Fold them up, put them in a bowl and take turns picking and answering a question. You might be surprised what you learn about each other.

    Got to go now girls........It's past my bed time.

    Source(s): Been there.....done the T-shirt.
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    give each other facials and use a bunch of cool face washes and scrubs and do your nails and toes and condition your hair and stuff! just do like totall make overs! i used to live w/ a bunch of girls in a rehab and that is what we used to do all the time! it was fun! we didnt have much else to do! that is always fun! have fun!

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    Dude !!! Go out and have fun ! My gitl classmates always do that !!!

    Listen to music

    Watch creepy movie or funny movie

    Play girl videogame


    Have fun !!!

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    watch a scary movie in the dark or have a pillow fight lol

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