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What up with my boyfriend?

My guy lives in a complex apartment with his friends (6 other guys), so they all share one kitchen. And have their own room..

I never been to his house and he said after i came back from the country i could come visit his house, (I kept suggesting that we should go to a hotel instead but he says no because he wants to save money… he even let me speak to his friends on the phone(they are very respectful but they never seen me before)...But when i came back from country - he still kept talking about our plans to go to his house, but then he seen me once before our plan to visit his home, then later he called me on the phone saying that “I don't think you should come over there anymore,” I asked why(I was just so shocked) he says he “don’t know,” so I asked him “but why you change you mind after we plan for so long“- once again he says he “don't know but don‘t think I should come over there anymore,” I continued to ask why and all he could answer is i don’t know. So he says “lets go somewhere else, somewhere far away, i don't want you anywhere near this house, lets go as far away as possible,” i ask why he says he don’t want to share me with them, i told him let us just go to his place, he says no. So then i ask him what was all the talk about saving money so I insisted on going to his house so he could save his money but he flatly refused. He says his friends are going to trouble me, and he don't want me to feel uncomfortable , and that he knows his friends and knows what they are like, and they will try to talk to me, and says he don’t want me to feel unsafe, and wants me to be comfortable and feel safe. He says he wants to have me all to himself…he refuses to listen to me and says he will not take me to his house anymore.

I’m sadden by this when in the beginning he flatly refuse that we go to hotel but now 2 days before our date at his house- he decide that he is going to change his mind…I feel that he might be ashamed of me or something…I am really upset…maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me too much and not think so much.

But I really wanted to have the feeling of spending the night with him at his place. But I guess he is too ashamed of me…that he has to want to hide me away in hotel room cause maybe I’m not good enough…and try to make excuses..

Do u think he said all that because he really don’t want to introduce me to his buddies because he don’t want me around them or you think there is sum problem with his friends behavior or something he is hiding from me.

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    I wonder if he just wants to play it safe and take you elsewhere because there are so many other guys there? Maybe some he considers friends while others, just room mates, and doesn't quite trust them? I really do not think he is ashamed of you. Just wants to have a good safe time with you and not with a bunch of guys hanging around.

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    It is one of the 2:

    1) He is ashamed of you.

    2) He has another girl and doesn't want her to walk in on you guys.

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