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What are some flirty things to do in im with a boy?

I want this boy to know that kinda like him and i want to be mysterious and attracting how do i do that without making it obvious and being friendly so that maybe he will make the first big move.

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    just be yourself I'm sure he'll fall for you. if not..

    when you guys are just hanging out rub his head in a joking way or punch him. Play a physical sport like basketball or football (dont be serious about the game though), so you can secretly touch him and vice versa.

    if you go to a club and a slow sexy song comes on, do a lil sexy dance for him, but dont dance on him. Give him a sexy look or glance once or twice to let him know you want him to watch you.

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    On IM or in person? I can't help with IM but in person never let him know ur next move... Also don't act obsessed with him, just act smooth and u'll be good

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    I know this sounds stupid, but start a little game with him, like poking each other. It actually worked for me.

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    first fart on his face then spit on him then throw a fake lizzard on his face so tht he screams like a girl a runs away

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