Does anybody else here think that aipom is the cutest coolest pokemon in the game.?

My favorite pokemon of all time is aipom and I wanted to see if anybody else felt the same way. My aipom knows focus punch, shadow claw, swift, and iron tail. I am very proud of it even though it is alittle weak against big foes it took down volkner's ambipom at level 44. My aipom has also won every rank contest in the cool categorie but I had solarbeam instead of focus punch. My aipom is the coolest around. Anybody else think so?

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    It's really cool that you found a Pokemon that you like so much and have trained so well. Me personally, I have quite a few favorites. Plus I keep switching them around to build up levels, so I don't get too attached to one anymore. But on Emerald I really did like my Linoone. :o)

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    I think he's pretty cool, but Porygon is cuter...(yeah right...) Aipom can become a great ally if trained correctly. It's moveset is pretty good, with a variety of moves instead of just one type. Very nice!

    Happy Training!

    Source(s): I am a PokeFreak!
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    Being a monkey certainly helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    if thats the purple monkey.

    then yeah, GO MONKEYS!!

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