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What is the hard lump on the back of my head from?

I have a hard lump on lower back of my head. Just above the neck almost. I just noticed it the other day. It doesn't really feel tender and it doesn't move. Also I know it wasn't always there. Not really any other symptoms except my lower back has seemed a lil tight lately. I am 17 year old male btw.

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    darlin'. Everyone has this, and it is not something new. You just never noticed it before. Our skulls are not smooth. They have lumps and bumps.

    You really have issues regarding your health. You should talk to your Dr. about your health concerns. There must be some logical reason you have these fears.

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    There are gland in the lower part of your head that swell Some times when you have a stress head ache, this may be what you were feeling,

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    I just felt it too I dont think its anything just how the skull is made

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