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Correct me if I'm wrong, but are the NASCAR races over for this year?

Gordon fans are so convinced he's going to win this year. It's like we should call the races over for the year and just hand him the Cup. I never seen such a bunch of concieted fans in my life until now. IT'S NOT OVER, UNTIL IT'S OVER!

Techincally, it's too early to call the shots on Gordon.

I know, I know, post answer's now praising about him and how he can do no wrong and will win this year. It's ok, keep telling yourself that, keep telling yourself he's going to win. You will be right there along with him crying when he's not the championship winner for 2007.

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    At least I'm not the only one in here with common sense on this subject. People act like the races are going to be over this weekend. Your right, it's not over til it's over. 20 races to go, and alot can happen between now and then.

    Great question by the way... or point.

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    You're right it's to early to call the winner, and Gordon's done things wrong (who hasn't). But with 10 races until the Chase starts, someone is going to have to win 4 or more of these races to be with in running of the top third of the starters in the Chase due to the new point set-up. Right now Gordon will start #1, Johnson #2, with Kenseth, Burton, and Harvick rounding out the top 5. Now looking at the way some teams have been running all year, I think it's highly possible to see Gordon or Johnson win another one. Burton could possibly win his first this year if he can countinue the run he's on.

    Even though I've been a Gordon fan since '93, I'm not going to cry and complain if he loses. I'll be bummed for about 5 minutes and get over it. That's life--you have winners and losers--and then you move on. Last year I was routing for Mark Martin to win it, but Johnson stormed in and took the trophy. If Burton wins this year, I'd be happy for him and his family and RCR. Any real fan should be happy for the winner even if it's not you guy--it's called sportsmanship!!!

    There's only one driver I really don't want to see win it again and that's Kenseth-but if he did he earned it.

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    I'm a #24 fan. I agree its not over until its over. I think that all of us are just saying that he has had a better start to the season then he did when he was winning all those races in 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998. I mean he has had a better start then he did in those seasons and in 3 of those years he won a championship. Also the announcers made a comment that the person leading the points at Bristol is like 9 times out of 10 or something the person who wins the Cup at the end of the year. Also I mean once the points reset its almost going to be between Johnson and Gordon because they have won the most races out of the top 12, and it just depends on their momentum, but they are both having wonderful years.

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    I would have to dissagree with you on how all the Gordon fans think he is going to win. His record in the chase isn't great. I said a long time ago that I think Hamlin will win and I'm sticking to it. I would love to see Gordon win this year but, as we all know, your luck has to run out sooner or later. With the last 10 races in the chase five of those are COT races, I just have to believe with Stewart and Hamlin dominating like they have so far in COT races that it will come down to Hamlin in the end. He's an amazing talent!

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    No it's not over. When the chase starts the points will be reset and then luck will factor in to the last 10 races. Good luck and bad luck will be a determining factor. The races leading to the chase have become pretty much pointless.

    Also if the Hendrick organization wins every race up to the chase and some underdog wins the chase because of the points system then it will show how pointless the chase is and maybe they will go back to the old system

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    People were sure that Sterling Marlin was going to win the Cup before he had a bad wreck and had to sit out for a while. When the season is over, I'll give my praise to the 2007 Champion.

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    With the old points system I can see Gordon running away with the championship. With the chase however anyhthing could happen. Only takes a couple bad races and the dream is over.

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    Its far from over, they still have 20 races left to run, they haven't even started the Chase For The Cup yet.

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    That would be dumb to call it since the points you earn now are erased when the chase for the cup begins. Jimmie and Jeff will begin with a lead since they each have 4 wins so far. Your generalization about conceited fans is silly and may be more about you than anyone else. Bitter much?

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    It is anyones game once they reset the top 12. Technically speaking they race until the week before Thanksgiving so no it is not over yet.

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