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Why is it that dark hair cats shead only on white clothes, and light hair cats only shead on dark clothes?????

I found this to be so true. I have a calico. She knows how do shead only the dark hairs light stuff, and light hairs on dark stuff.

Since dogs have owners and cats have a staff. I asks some cats staff members if they seen this trick that cats can do. They too all agree cats can do this...

I would just like to know HOW they do it...

Don't worry folks, i have not been smoking the cat nip... it is a fair questions....

Meow meeow meeow moew mewo meoww

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    I swear you are right! I gave a tri colored cat also. I think they evolved just so there WOULD be hair that showed on everything! My friend got me a plaque that says "no outfit is complete without cat hair." Sad, huh?

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    Well, whether or not the cat staff believes this or not, silly, it is just untrue! You just see the light hairs on dark clothes and dark hairs on light clothes and you know it!

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    Intelligent Design.

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    I've only ever had black cats even my (baby sing) and we found her. and i assure you her black hair ends up on all colors of clothes.wrap some tape around your hand and tap on some of your dark clothes that your cat has laid on and you'll find dark hairs.

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    That, I'm sorry, but is one of the most stupid questions..........

    Maybe dark hair doesn't show up on dark cloth?

    Right? Following my lead here?

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    dark hair or light hair pets shed and its hard to c on the same color. i know they r still there however. hope this helped u

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    what you are seeing is contrast hairs. The other hairs are there as well you arent seeing them, they just blend in with the fabric of your clothing.

    Love your baby kitty!


    ☼ ♥ ♫ ♀

    Source(s): 48 years of owning cats or being owned by them
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    Are you serious?

    Dark hairs don't SHOW UP on dark clothes but they're still there!! Ditto for white hairs !!!!


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    It;s murphy;s law of course.. we have a white cat and a black cat and you are 100 percent right,.,.,

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    a parallel to this is that cats will shed more on people wont don't like them

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