What would you rather have an Earthquake or a Hurricane?

With Hurricanes you get a warning and can get out of harms way. With an earthquake there is none.....Just curious to hear your answers.....

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    Living here in FL I have been through lots of hurricanes in my life. I am glad I live here and not in CA. It seems easier to build a structure that can resist being blown over than it is to build a structure that can resist being shaken, rattled and torqued apart. Even when taking into consideration a hurricane's storm surge, a structure CAN be built to withstand those forces as well. But, when the entire ground is rocking and rolling, no matter how well the strucutre is built, if its stable foundation is compromised and no longer stable just how can it stay standing or undamaged?

    Plus, I have yet to see a building that has been through a somewaht substantial earthquake show no signs of having gone through the ordeal; whether structurally or with the shaken up mess of stuff inside. Aside from branches and other similar debris cluttering my yard, I have been fortunate to never have had any damage occur to my home or car. I DID however lose a plank in my four foot "shadow-box" wood fence once. Just one plank though and that was during a cat 4 storm.

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    Dear friend. I am studying about earthquake from the year 2001. I developed several simple equipments to warn the quake at its beginning.Seismologist refused to accept my concept of saving life with the use of my quake alarm.On the day of Tsunami it gave the warning for 12 minutes. I have alerted the local T.V.stations to relay a message like this." I have sensed very big earthquake which I have never hear ed in the history of earthquakes. Please advice the people to be ready to move to a safer place in case of emergency.The sea water may rise to great height". I do not understand why the seismologist of our Asian country failed to issue this type of warning.Please read the situations that may help to predict the occurrences of earthquakes.Methods for prediction of earthquakes & Tsunami


    1. Seismic gape: - The earthquake at a particular place may occur for every fixed gape of time. By knowing the past records of the quakes affected at that place may help to decide when the earthquake is next due.

    2. Planet position.: - When the stress is accumulated at the tectonic plate boundary and the same time if the position of more than 2 planets comes in a straight line this may help to accelerate the earthquakes. There fore the full moon days and new moon days are more vulnerable days for earthquakes. Some time this method fails why? Think of a sick patient. New moon and full moon days are dangerous for only sick patents. These days will not affect the healthy people. The same way if there is no accumulated stress at the tectonic plate boundaries no need to worry about the planet positions.

    3. Sun rays falling method: - If you observe the position of the sun rays falling on our wall at a particular time on all days it should form an angular infinity symbol. If there is any deviation in its path it means that there is some difference in height of the earth. That means some strain noticed at that place. Somebody claims that they can predict the place of epicenter by observing this. The laser beam measuring method of earth height from satellite also will help.

    4. MCDB:- Chinese scientist claims that they can predict up to 60 % accuracy by sensing electro magnetic rays.

    5. Cloud forming: - Few hours to a few days before the occurrence of earthquakes a cloud reader claims that he has noticed a peculiar mosaic type of formation .We may also notice some lightening in the sky.

    6. By sound :- A professor from Ajmeer University claims that he was able to hear a low frequency noise under 125 meter depth in a bore well. The same thing was reported by one Mr. Nair that he heard some roaring noise under the earth one week before the occurrence of earthquake in Gujarat.

    7. By frequency of waves :- Mr Richter Allen of Berkley University claims that he can decide the magnitude of earthquake just 4 seconds after observing the frequency of the primary wave. Present method needs the full seismographic picture to find the real magnitude that too from as many places as possible to have fairly accurate results. His claim has got some truth because when there is a slip of bigger tectonic plate the frequency of quake will be less. If a small tectonic plate slips the frequency of the waves will be more.

    8. There are several changes in nature and in the behaviors of animals and birds can be observed before an earthquake and Tsunami. I wrote several articles on these subjects. The water level in well may change. Stay away from beaches if you sense earthquake waves. The Tsunami may attack long after the shaking is stopped.


    Source(s): My research work in early warning systems.
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    Hurricane! Because they are predictable!

    I have felt too many earthquakes in CA, and Mexico.

    They are not fun at all, very scary stuff, espeacially for children. I also feared Tsunamis, when i lived in CA.

    I learned that word "tsunami" at a very young age, teachers were always reminding us of the high possibility of a tsunami in our area. (Santa Cruz County) Every time I felt the rumbling, I expected the "big waves" to follow.

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    A hurricane, they don't change the geography of the world...

    Earthquakes suck.... they tend to change the face of the world in every thousands of years.... that will be a difficulty for my descendants to reason out why people of India are from Antarctica

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    Hurricane, they can be spotted from thousands of miles away from space... Usually less damage.

    Earthquakes suck, you can't tell when they will hit because scientists can't predict when tectonic plates will interact...cuz they are in the ground.

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    a hurricane, I would drive away if it was to hit where I lived.

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