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how do I evict my girlfriend who is not on my lease agreement (california)?

Every time I ask her to leave she threatens to have me arrested for domestic violence. I have not done anything and wouldnt, (I have a prior on my record and she knows it. I have had to barricade myself in my room when she is drunk or on drugs. I feel I am a helpless hostage in my own house. Please help me!

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    I am curious. Under Californian law do they allow people to live in a place when they are not listed on the rental agreement? If not, then call your landlord (although you might be in a little bit of trouble as well).

    But go with takeashot30. Leave your mobile in your room and when you feel threatened.. and then call up the cops. You'll have much better grounds to go on when she's got something on her record.

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    Let you in on a little secret, wait till shes drunk or even better, on drugs then call the cops. Tell them you're locked in your room and feel threatened.

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    Um, how long has she been living with you? You'll probably have to give her a written notice, and then take her to court, if you want to do it 100% legally. I think you could get away with asking your landlord to change the locks though.

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    call police explain the situation have a restraining order and do it without warning her in advance. easy enough?

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