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question about benoit....?

i didnt get to watch so what happened? why is everybody talking about him?

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    For all you haters - you need to back off until all the information is in.

    There are too many errant incidents and facts that are not adding up to a murder-suicide.

    The Associated Press is doing their damndest to hang Benoit - even blatantly twisting and changing timelines given by the investigators.

    According to the investigators, Benoit was dead by late Saturday or just past midnight Sunday. Not late Sunday as the AP has tried to state.

    Now - if what the investigators say is true - then Chris could not be the one that sent any of the text messages - and he was dead almost a day before the Wikipedia thing was posted.

    And he couldn't have posted it from Stamford CT which is where the IP is leading to, coincidently - where the WWE is headquartered.

    Now - even the WWE's release of text messages is contrary to what the investigators released. According to the investigators, only TWO messages were sent - one to two co-workers stating the wife and son were ill and they were going to the hospital, the other one to the neighbor's phone stating the dogs were in the pool area and side garage door is open.

    The WWE states things quite differently and that there were five - however they came from Chris and Nancy's phones.

    Here's a really bothersome deal - why did these co-workers - one being a WWE official - wait to show these to the WWE management and officials 27 hours?

    Well - imagine if the bodies had been found on Sunday afternoon rather than Monday. The WWE would have been out millions for canceling the PPV.

    Something is rotten here - hugely - and someone or someones perpetrated a triple murder and set Benoit up to devastate his career - family, and had tried to get someone in there earlier than what had happened, so that they could damage the WWE as well.

    I believe Kevin Sullivan is involved - would not put it past him to hire someone to make it happen with some inside help at WWE. Sullivan never forgave Nancy and Chris.

    Be interesting to see the results on the Sherri Martel death - one that can't be dismissed as natural by authorities. I am wondering if she wasn't a trial run in the deal - considering her tie to the Benoits and Sullivan.

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    i agree with you ceo I don't believe it for a second i believe wholeheartdley that Chris Benoit and his family were murdered with help from the wwe

    I mean aside from sullivan lets not forget this is shades of eddie gurrerro as well

    I mean eddie gurrerro was supposed to get another title shot and was favored to win and he and chavo gurrerro were in the same hotel and chavo is the one to find him dead

    Eddies death was blamed on drugs.

    And Chris Benoit and eddie gurrerro were best friends . Look when Chris Benoit won the world heavywieght title who was there in the ring when he looked around eddie gurrerro and not long after that eddies dead.

    Now Chris Benoit was also supposed to get another title shot and not just that but Chavo Gurrerro was in benoits home with Chris Benoit and his family and now they are dead and shock of all shocks the deaths are being blamed on drugs

    Both men were outspoken in ways. But Chavo is the link to both of the murders

    And come on 14 hours before they were all found dead someone alerts the news of his wife's death and that comes from connencut which conicedentally is where wwe headquarters is who alerted them when they got the news he was dead

    I mean if you ask me wwe had this done and is now trying to cover there but

    I mean they have taken the tribute and everything to do with chris benoit off there site like he was never even there

    that's a little fishy to me

    and he killed himself late saturday night midnight sunday HE could not have sent those text messages as they were sent after he was dead

    He loved his family more than anything , Took all the needed steps to protect them come on this was not a murder suicide wwe ochrestrated a triple murder

    And Man that's just the beginning of what 's wrong with this picture

    R.I. P . Chris Benoit and family

    Prayers go out to your parents and your remaining 2 children

    You will be missed always

    I hope they find the people who did this to you and your family

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    he died. you don't want to know the rest. this case is so crazy. if you want to find out more go to and type in chris benoit. look under the section that says death.

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    You seriously don't know? you're like the only person living that doesn't! im teasing, he well, just go to for details on all this. You've missed alot of news, it's hard to start.

    Source(s): tna impact spike tv thursday nights 9/et
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    Check this sh it out, someone knew benoit's wife was dead before police

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    he was murdered with wife and son and ppl think he did it but nothings points to him and he didn't do it no matter what ppl say so don't believe them.

    R.I.P. Benoit,Daniel,and Nancy.♥

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    are you serious rebelangel031?

    the wwe has not murdered any people

    wow people are getting PRETTY crazy round here!

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    he killed hes wife and son then killed him self.

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