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why I should believe in God? or why I should need God in my life? I never heard nothing from God except the bi

the bible but the Bible is suppose to be an old bible.. is not God speaking nowadays?

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    Because you have to much doubt. You won't open up your heart and let him in. God does not want to force you to come to him. That,s why he gave us free will. Just do me a favor. This is the confidence that I have gained in doing it myself. Go to google and type in Catholic novena's. Go to St. Rita and do her novena. I have done her novena three times and every single time, she answered my prayers. Whatever is wrong in your life, trust her and she will talk to God about it. She has yet to fail me. Please trust what I am saying to you. Just do it. God bless you.

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    Yes He is speaking nowadays. But He has also already spoken, and one of the things He said is that He never changes; He's the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So what He said then is valid, and if anyone says God "told" them something that contradicts what He already said, that person is lying.

    He said enough through scripture to give you a good start, if you're interested. Once you know the character of God, you'll know better when it's God speaking directly to your heart and when it's not. Like I said, if you're interested. If you're not, then your whole question is kind of moot.

    As for why you should believe, you should because you can discern with the intellect that He gave you, from the creation around you, that He is real. If you don't you are just simply refusing to. Argue that point if you want, but I defy you to research the issue and stay truly convinced that there's no God. That everything's a matter of chance.

    As to why you should need God in your life: You can probably function for your whole life without God, honestly. You won't know what you're missing. But have a little courage and just entertain the possibility that there's a God and that He created you because He's interested in you as a person and wants fellowship with you. Entertain the possibility that God should matter to you because you matter to God. See what happens.

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    The Bible is of course old. Everything that's written there is inspired by God, necessary guidelines for people to live life accordingly.

    People disappoint, God doesn't. Where/Who do you turn to when life gets too unbearable for you? Sure there will be people who can help you, but not as much as God can. He can love you more than anybody you know, accepts you for who you are, and never turns you away if you call unto Him in truth. Your faith in Him won't be in vain.

    Now, if you have more questions, I suggest you ask people who have enough knowledge about God and the bible, say, Pastors. Give it a try, there's nothing to lose, there's everything to gain.

    All the best. God loves you. He welcomes everyone with open arms. Open your heart to him, that's all. Not too difficult, eh?

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    The bible is old. That is true but it does no mean it can't be used today. The bible is Gods word to humanity and reveals the truth about life and knowledge for the believer.Btw the word "BIBLE" means:


    I: Instructions

    B: Before

    L: Leaving

    E: Earth

    God intended the bible to be for every generation and his word was not written by man but by God. Yes man wrote it but wrote it under the power(influence) of the Holy Spirit(God).The bible is God's word to humanity and is alive and eternal.

    1st reason to kno God is b/c He and He alone offers u salvation(eternal life in heaven)Thru is Son Jesus. Thats a big reason ppl become christians.

    You need to know that God loves u and cares for you. He created u and wants u to kno him personally. God sent his Son(Jesus Christ) to die for ur sins to restore ur broken relationship with him. I'm sure u know all this, if not i will post a website at the bottom that will explain a alot more about salvation and how to recieve it. If ur serious about this than ask God by praying to reveal himself to u and he will. For more detail about all this and how to kno God go here:

    I pray that this will help u. This is the biggest decision of ur life no matter what other ppl might say. Btw christianity isn't a religion about "do's and dont's" but a close, real intimate realtionship with the God, the creator of the universe. God Bless. -g2int_707

    Source(s): Bible..Gods eternal Word!
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    God speaks in a very tiny voice - but the Devil can talk in that same tiny voice as well. For example, I once heard a tiny voice telling me to go home but I received a speeding ticket less than 3 miles from my house. God does not tempt - the Devil tempts and I was burned as a result. I heard the same little voice telling me to reunify with my wife - got burned each and every time. So, just as there's a Devil who continues to divide - there's a God who will welcome you at any time - He's looking for you and not the other way around.

    I realize that Atheists and Agnostics go through life knowing everything but even they admit to an emptiness which can only be filled by God.

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    you should believe in God for several reasons. The number one reason is because he will never leave your side, even at your lowest. ill tell you the footsteps story.

    A man was walking on the sand with God and went through a lot of hard times. the man turned around and looked at his footprints and noticed that during the hardest times in his life there were only one set of footprints. the man asked God "Why did you leave me during my hardest times Lord?" God responded "It was then that I carried you" The bible just has stories that will help you live your life the best way possible. money, bitches, and power do not lead to happines. Good luck to you.

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    God does speak today, there are prophets around, and God use anyone even you, only guidelines is that it is not contradictory to the Bible... (people may laugh who think the Bible is contradictory as they don't accept the answers)...

    The Bible is very relevant...

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    Well those who believe in god will tell you that god is important in a persons life and that god may not always answer your prayers.

    I disagree because I just do not believe in god.

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    He is the same yesterday, today and forever. What you are looking for is Faith. God created the universe and heaven and hell.

    Not to be trite but you need God in your life now for your future in the ever after. Because this my friend is not all there is.

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    Try reading the Bible. Then decide for your self. We are all offered the same thing. Choice. I believe and that IS my choice.

    God Bless

    You will notice some go to extreme lengths to get you not to. Think for your self.

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