How can I tell whether she feels chemistry between us?

I recently had a fifty minute conversation with a great girl who attends college in the city I'm living at. She's away for the summer but we've managed to stay in touch. I just feel a very strong connection with her, and though I'm definitely pursuing other girls in town at the moment for short-term flings, she's definitely been on my mind as an ideal long-term interest. She just has an amazing personality, she's fun to talk with, she's very compassionate and charismatic, and we can have long fulfilling talks about nearly everything.

I know how I feel about her, but what are some signs during phone conversations that'd reveal whether she feels the same way about me? How can I tell whether she's approaching this phone conversation from a friendly perspective or if she'd be open to the possibility of dating me when she comes back to town? Are there tell-tale signs and catchphrases women will use on the phone that'll reveal her true feelings, or will I simply have no idea?

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    first of all, i cant believe someone with 95 answers can be a top contributor, congratz

    ask her if she feels if theres a connection between you two, if you cant do that, sometimes the nerves wont let you, then use the whole "my friend had this long conversation with the girl..." technique to get her to tell you her opinion

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    try to figure it out and you will get the "nice" tag. which is the kiss of death.

    just ask her ,now, if she would like to date you. even if she is not interested now, it will prevent the "nice" tag from sticking.

    a woman will never date a man she likes. if she likes him, then he is "nice" and they become friends.

    then she dates the guy with no job or bank account, but he rides a motorcycle, has long hair, and doesnt like her.

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    Hey don't go fast to conclusion. Just be friendly first. Don't expect anything quick. Take it easy, don't jump anything that you might regret it. Relax, let thing go.

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    You will know it if she is the one. And if you do find out she is.....those one night flings and short term gals will have to go, you know that

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    why don't you ask her this question..but don't reveal to her it's about you and her. see what's her answer is...

    best of luck.

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