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Poop question?

I just took a crap and half of it was gas. Why is it that when it came out it was like stringy and then like half of it rose and was like moving. I dunno but it looked like stuff you would find in the sea floating around. Some of it was attached to the solid poop waving around though.


Umm well I dont know what TP had to do with it, but I did have enough. Umm I didn't smell it...didnt really smell anything. It was yellowish though.

Update 2:

Umm I dont think it's a worm because I haven't been eating like more then usual, I haven't lost any weight either. If it helps, I'm about 5'4 118 pounds.

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    Did you have enough paper. I wish you were more descriptive. what color. did it smell.Did you get any on the rim?

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    maby u had a worm living inside of u... i've herd of worms living inside of people and the food actually going to the worm instead of the actual person and because o f that the worm grew an grew..... were u losing a lot of weight if so then that might be the case.....(im being serious)

    mmmm and it was moving by its self.... weird!!!

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    prob because it wanted 2 look like a snake u no how day go from big 2 small

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    well thats common if ur stomach is upset ur if u hold ur poo whenu should have gone already

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