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What are the Five most boring and five most exciting States in the U.S.?

I'm picking N. & S. Dakotas, West Virginia, Nebraska and Kansas for most boring and California, Hawaii, New York, Florida and Texas for most exciting.

What do you think?

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    I agree with the Dakotas, and Wyoming, and Kansas. But I gotta add New Mexico. West Va. is only 4 hrs. from NYC. Its close to Columbus Oh. too. Most exciting I would almost agree with, except instead of Texas, which is about 1/2 desert, I would have to go with Ga. instead. We have almost anything you want here from the Atlantic Ocean and historic Savannah, to the fastest growing counties in the U.S. in Paulding, Henry, Cherokee, and others. You have all the sports franchises, and Atlanta Motor Speedway, The fastest track in racing. Atlanta is the Hip Hop capital of the World, and you also have great fishing too. However we don't have Jackalopes or Scorpions as big as your hands like Texas, or those big cactus's!

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    Most Boring: North and South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

    Most Exciting: New Jersey, New York, California, Washington, Nevada

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    boring: Kansas, Nebraska, West Virginia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

    Exciting: Florida, California, Wyoming(surprising, but Northwest WY is full of things like Yellowstone and Jackson Hole), Arizona, and Utah.

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    boring: ARIZONA, Kansas, N.S. Dakota, Montana

    exciting: Cali, NY, FL, Utah, Hawaii

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    hmm i'm gonna pick for most boring, north and south dakota, iowa, kansas, and maine for most boring.

    most exciting, california, hawaii, florida, new york, texas, same as yours

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    most boring: ohio, iowa, n/s dakota, and nebraska

    most exciting: florida, california, new york, hawaii, and nevada

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