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Does this chick dig me or am i wasting my time?

Ok so i meet this girl and we seem to have the same interests. I asked her out on a date and we planed to go out to eat and watch a movie. We went out to eat and i payed for her meal and mine. the movie didnt start for another 30 minutes so we decided to roam walmart and talk dont ask me why walmart. went to the movies, i payed for her ticket she had to go to the bathroom so i wated for her. I didn tsee her coming so she poked me in the side. went and sat down and about 45 minutes i offered her my hand she took it and for the rest of the movie we held hands even the walk back out to the car. the night was still young and i asked her what she wanted to do now. she then replyed that we could drive around in her car and listen to music. after about 15 minutes of her driving around we cam back i didnt know what elese to do so i said i had to leave. she leaned in about 20% and me 80% for a 7 second kiss. i dont know if im making myself think she dont liek me or what but we are meeting again


sorry for a dumb question been through alot with ***** *** girls and dont know the game n e more lol

Update 2:

she is also 3 years older than me!

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    Ya she likes you:) I don't think someone would hold hands and kiss, if you don't like each other, maybe next time take care to K-Mart nr :) Don't stress over it you might scare her away by thinking about it, just take it day by day and you will find your answer.

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    dude, get a clue

    if u held hands that long + in the car

    and then kissed? lol

    she likes u.

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    she likes you! go for it!

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    she likes you :)

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    i think she def. likes u!

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