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boyfriend or new man?

i have a boyfriend. we have been together for 2 years. i am doubting our relationship. its just so boring. we never do anything fun anymore.

there is a new guy that i like. i thing he likes me also. hes takin me out to lunch and to the mall (with one of my friends). was he being nice or does he like me? he was flirtin a lot ...

should i give up on my boyfriend and go for this new guy??

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    its easy to go after the new love, but then will you give up on him 2 years later. instead find someone who makes you happy all the time. that's my advice anyway

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    Clear your head, but talk to your boyfriend now. He may be the one that is for you. Make sure before you hurt one or two guys, and yourself in the process.

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    thats ur call......if u feel like ur boyfriend wasnt the right one go out with the new guy

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