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can you drink on a cruise when you're 18?

my mom told me that on cruise ships you can be 18 and drink alcohol. is this true? is it true only for certain ones going to certain places?

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    Nope. The drinking age is 21.

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    I know for a fact that you can not drink on Carnival Cruise lines if you are not 21. Also if someone in your group is under 21 then someone has to be atleast 25 in your group. If you are under 18 you shouldn't be worried about drinking anyways. Wait til you are 21 get toasted and you'll think differently about alcohol.

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    For all ships leaving from US waters, the drinking age is 21. The bartender will check your ID - the keycard assigned to you which will be a different color. it all depends where you are some places its 18 and over. but you didnt say where you are... call the cruise company and ask they will be happy to tell you. If you're on international waters, you should be able to drink as much as you want if you're over 18.

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    On some cruises going to Europe or South America, your parents can sign a waiver or something stating that you can drink but here in the US I think that you cant drink until your 21.

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    it's not ILLEGAL in international waters, but most cruise lines (departing N America) enforce the 21

    norwegian allows you at 18 to drink with parental consent, thats the only one i know of

    princess, carnival, royal caribbean, disney are all 21

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    On International waters, yes, you can. Usually the law of the ship's country of registration will apply here. Just ask the cruise company.

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    this depends on a few different factors.

    ship policy

    international waters

    depending on your destination, certain countries dont allow anyone under the countries legal drinking age to drink while in port or in their waters

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    if your in international waters and you have a signed from from your parent/guardian, then you can drink

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    you have to be 2 miles off shore and you can drink im pretty sure

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