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how do i feed my dude on neopets?

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    You have to get some food to feed it. You can buy food in stores, but it's easier to get it from free spots (Giant Omelette in Tyrannia, Giant Jelly in secret Jelly World, Tombola on Mystery Island, etc.).

    Once you have food, go to your inventory. Do this by going to Neopia Central. Click the "My Items" icon. Then click on the food you want to feed your pet. Use the drop down menu to "Feed to (pet's name)." You may have to feed a pet several time to reduce its hunger!

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    You go to " my inventory " then click on a edible item and it'll give you alot of options. Some would say, " Feed this to ( character name )" and just click on that.

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    through the mouth

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