am i ready?

my other question was removed; but im a nigriv [read backwards] & ive nevr had xes [backwards]

how do i know if im ready? i know my boyfriend is, but idk if i am.

how do u know if ur ready? im young & wanna know what to do.

im not a tuls [backwards] or erohw [backwards]

is thats wat ur thinking

i just really need help


i only wrote the words backwards cuz i posted another one like this & they delete it even tho it practically said the same thing.

it was deleted before i could read the answers.

im not like afriad to say the words or anything, it was jus cuz i didnt want this to get deleted.

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    when youre older, thats a good time, not when he says i love you, not when all your friends have, when youre older and wiser so that you dont have to ask questions

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    1 decade ago

    Guys are always ready so dont base your feelings on what he's thinking. When you can turn around and say to yourself am i gunna regret giving it up to this guy... and you say no, then go for it. Just be prepared to live with your decision. Like if you give birth to a baby in 9 months are you going to want this guy in your life for the rest of your life? Are you that serious about him? Can you deal with it if you do have xes with him and right after that he walks away from you and you never hear from him again? Can you deal with the possiblity of getting AIDS *that means your going to die a slow death* or any other STD that might kill you or take away your ability to have kids?

    Did you answer no to any of the above? If yes, then wait. He's not going anywhere, and if he is, there will be other more special guys. While your deciding, drag his *** to a health clinic to get him and you ( for a clean slate test) tested for STDs and while your there, get some birth control. If your gunna do it, dont be stupid about it. Like you said your young, but young doesnt mean you need to be clueless

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    I have no idea on your age, but I'm guessing young and still in no more then High School. Understand that besides being "under developed" many girls have sex simply to fit in. If YOU feel it is right and it's what you want, then by all means, have sex. But that's only if that is how you feel, not doing what HE wants. Not to be nasty, but intercourse at a young age is usually careless, which is the reason for most teen pregnancies and teen STDs. Remember that there are alternatives to intercourse. If you do end up having intercourse, try to take as many procautions as not to get pregnant (condom and "morning after" pill)

    Hope this helps

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    Ask your boyfriend if he's ready. This is most imporatnt, seeing that you are too.

    I will not tell you how it's done, because if you don't know, you are ahb-viously too young and immature for it.

    Another thing: I hope you are not planning to get pregnant seeing that quote im young end quote. Remember that smodnoc [backwards] don't always work and there is always the slight chance of you getting pregnant. So don't get carried away.

    A good on-the-bed makeout is a nice substitute if you're young.

    Good luck,


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  • 1 decade ago

    Well.....ill be honest here!

    I was 15 when I lost mine.

    I always wanted to wait for marriage until I did, but I started dating this guy and just really cared for him, and felt really confortable with him. So, it just kind of came naturally. Well, we did plan it because I did not want to rush it or anything, so Im glad that I put thought into it. I am actually 19 now, and am married to him and have been for a year.

    BUT just sort of know when you are ready!

    I almost had sex with this other guy before my husband, and I just had this feeling in the back of my head that I didnt want too, and I am soooo glad that I didnt!

    So, just go with your instict, and make sure that you get on some sort of birth control!

    Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    When you find someone that you love deeply and care about, trust with all your heart, and you respect each other. If you know that he will be respectful and be there for you and not try to use you. If you feel that you are both mature enough. I was 15 and in 10th grade when I lost it and I don't think I was too young but it was definitely the wrong person. Just be smart.

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    1 decade ago

    The only sure way to know if you're ready to have sex is when you're not questioning and doubting yourself. If you think about it and you know for a fact you'll have regrets then you'll know you're not ready. I knew I wasn't ready until my fiancee and I got tested together and had some serious down-time together. I wanted to make sure that I knew for a fact I was ready.

    I have only one regret... that we didn't wait until we got married...

    My point, te only person right now who truly knows if you're ready is you. Don't be pressured to do something you're not ready to do.

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    you dont need to wait tilly ou're married, but just wait till you're older.. if you're not 18 then what do you do if you maybe have a baby? also if you do it young, you'll get bored so fast... i did it when i was 14, that was liek.. the stupidist think i coulda done. i'd take it back anyday.. im not with him anymore..a nd we're still friends and its not the worst thing ever.. but if id had gotten pregnant... i'd have gotten in so much tihs(back)

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    You're ready if:

    1. You're ready to accept the consequences that may occur from having sex (STDs, pregnancy)

    2. You've discussed sexual activity with your partner

    3. You are not doing it merely because your partner wants it or because you feel like you have to. Sex should be something you are completely comfortable wtih.

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    Simple answer:

    Wait until you're married or else you WILL regret it I PROMISE!

    If you loose your virganty to someone who may not end up marrying you, then you'll regret it for...

    1. You may get pregnant and have a baby (and you probably aren't ready)

    2. You're future husband will know you lost your virganty and may feel uncomfortable with you.



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    You'll know when you're ready cause only you can tell! Don't let your boyfriend pressure you into having sex! If you have to question it and yoursself then the answer is no!

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