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Why serve and worship a God that doesn't need you to?

Why not serve those in need like, oh I don't know, the hungry, the elderly, why spent a lifetime in servitude of a God with no wants and needs (a being who is everything, must by definition have no wants or needs)?

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    Serving God quite often means serving the people you mentioned.

    The Bible says that we are to serve God, and the Bible is what we believe.

    You asked why, so that's why.

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    That is precisely what we must do, to serve the hungry, the poor, the elderly, for they are God. Every person who's poor and in need and elderly and alone is like a glass shard of the immortal, living God, reflecting but fleetingly His greatness, and I am like that tiny glass shard you carry around in your back-pocket so you can scratch some angular, runic graffiti on the windshield of your snooty math teacher's Audi.....HAHAHAHA! You thought I was a Godder, didn't you? Sucker! Sucker! HAHAHAHAHA!

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    What does god want with us? God wants our hearts. God wants to be our lover, to fill our soul with the spirit of life, enrich us, empower us, enkindle us, set us on fire, make us sizzle. God wants to make us what god is in a manner of speaking. But the key is, we have to be very humble and pure hearted for that process to begin and sustain. So things are quite a bit better, at least more interesting, than you imagine them, eh?

    Serving others IS serving god. Service and sacrifice of our time, resources, and life if necessary are all that are really ours to give in service to humanity. Everything else we have is on temporary loan and doesn't belong to us beyond our life here. There's nothing anyone can give god because everything already belongs to god. All god has reserved for god is the city of men's hearts. The rest is ours, temporarily at least. Ironically, when we genuinely, sincerely sacrifice we get back tenfold. It's really hard to give god something because god multiplies it and gives it back every time. I'd say that's interesting spiritual physics.

    I don't know whether you are sincere or not, but I hope this gives you a different perspective from what you are used to seeing here. I'm a Baha'i.

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    I'm a Roman Catholic and believe that the sincerest form of worship is to serve others ( I believe that when we do good for someone, we do this for God).

    I don't know if you are familar with a woman named Marianne Williamson. She has written many books about spirituality. In one of them she says. "Whenever you walk into your place of work, know that you are really working for God. You are there undercover, and your REAL boss is God. You don't tell people this....because they'll think your crazy, but you are there to work and serve others on his behalf".

    I thought that it was just a great way to view your life.

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    It is an honor to serve and worship him and it would take up too much space here to list all the wonderful reasons... for starters...forgiveness for my sins, atonement for my sins , eternal life, and working mightily in my life and sustaining me through everything.

    By the way...

    Jesus taught that when you help those in need, it is like helping him. See Matthew 25:31-46.

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    Through helping others we serve God.

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    Interesting question and here is an interesting text from the bible that may surprise you...

    James 1:27

    Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

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    If he doesn't need me but still pursues a relationship with me that means he wants me. Since he wants me I choose to give my love and service to him by helping those people you spoke about. John 15:16 " You did not chose me I choose you to go and bear fruit that is eternal."

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    I agree. Sure, you can "praise god, allah buddha - whoever" but help who needs it. The almighty being is well, almighty....he's got more power than we could every imagine..... he/she/it influences the entire world in one belief or another. Help the needy/hungry/lonely......that's what the creator would want you to do - make his creation worthwhile and longer lasting......and honestly, I'm sure he/she/it is sick of "praising" him/her/it when you could be helping others during that time......I mean sure praise every sunday or saturday (whichever holy day it is for you) is considerate - but come on....every time before a meal you have to pray? I'm pretty sure if you are thankful 24/7 - he knows....stop being repetitive.....look believe in what you want - I'm just stating thoughts......everyone can believe what they wanna believe.....its your right.

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    but God wants us to feed the hungry and the elderly

    but at the same time wants us to serve him

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