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other than saying I LOVE YOU whats the best way to say I LOVE YOU?

I wake up in the morning, make cofee,give her -her blood presure pill,(during the school year I give her a cup of coffee in bed,I constanstantly let her know that I love her,and when she was sick I made hamburgers for me & the kids because she was'nt hungry.Sometimes I'm late coming home and I can't always call because my phone sucks, but this woman is the woman of all my dreams and I truelly want her to know that she is my world. How can I express this ?

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    Sir it seems that i m very young to answer to a question from an eldrely person. Still i want to answer, I don't know if u will like my answer or not.

    I want to say that U don't need to say anything to make her know that she is ur world. She knows u for so long and she also knows that wht she means to u. Just u try to listen to her herat and u will know that she knows that she is ur world even if u hadn't said it her verbally.

    Ur care says for u sir. Ur love says for u. U r made for eachother.

    It was a treat to see such a strong relation in the present world. Though i know there r peopel whose love is so strong, But urs r one of the treatto know.


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    Be there for her through thick and thin. Listen to her, ask her how her day was. Send flowers, or maybe just a nice card out of the blue. Compile a CD with all your guy's favorite love songs, or ones that express how you feel toward her. I still have the one my husband made for me before we were married:) These are just a few ideas...

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    Hmmm....I think you should sit her down in front of the computer and show her this question you are asking us. I think she will know the moment she reads this that you love her dearly...not alot of people would even put forth the effort to express to us online folks how much you love her. So Sweet.

    See ladies, they're still some good ones left.

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    Actions speak louder than words. Show it in your eyes, your kiss, your cuddles and your touch. AND GET YOURSELF A RELIABLE MOBILE PHONE and buy that record that says " You are my world you are my nite and day. I think the popular English singer Cilla Black use to sing it and tell her that it is your song of love to her. I wish my husband could of said that I was his world. She is a very lucky lady to have you.

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