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Will we see any FUTURE major leauge baseball player get to 4000 hits in his career?

i am talking about FUTURE players. i know there are two players that have more than 4000 hits in there careers (cobb and rose)


this is only the regular season totals. NOT including playoffs

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    A Rod has 2160 hits and he's only 31. He's got the best chance if he keeps it up.

    Jeter has 2255 and he's 33. It will be tough but in the AL he could DH and get there if he plays well into his 40's.

    Those two have the best chance...seems they are linked together no matter the debate. The youngsters (Reyes, Cabrerra, Crawford) haven't done it long enough to warrant consideration just yet, but of the three I like Crawford.

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    Ichiro is 33 years old and has 1468 MLB hits. I don't know how many hits he had in Japan. But he has no chance with just his MLB numbers. If Jeter averages 200 hits a season for the next 8 years he can do it. But that would make him 42 years old. In Cobb's last 11 years, from age 31, he had 200+ hits seasons twice. Rose's last 200+ hit season was at age 38. And remember, for the last 17 years of his career, Rose played more than half of his games on Astroturf. None of today's players will do it. And, but for Astroturf, Rose may not have done it.

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    Derek Jeter probably has the best shot right now, and I think he can get there considering he has stayed pretty healthy his entire career.

    I think Ichiro is the best pure basehitter in the game today, but he doesn't have a chance because of his age. Unfortunately Ichiro began his MLB career too late after beginning his career in Japan. If Ichiro had entered the league when he was 21 or 22, then he would have a real shot at Pete Rose's record. Unfortunately he doesn't have a chance.

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    Ichiro is the type of hitter, but he won't do it. He does average 200 hits a season, but he started at the age of 27. To hit 4000, he would need to play until he's 45 years old. Personally I see him retiring with around 3400 hits.

    The next closest player is Alex Rodriguez. Seeing that he's only 31 years old and has over 2100 hits. He could easily finish at the age of 42 with over 4000 hits, assuming he keeps up his current pace and he plays until he 42.

    Albert Pujols is another serious threat to reach 4000 hits. Averaging 193 hits a season so far in first 6 season. If maintains that average he could reach 4000 hits before he turns 42. But that the trick, maintaining that consistent hitting over 20 straight years isn't easy as it sounds.

    Ichiro jr. may also do it. Starting at the age of 18 in the year 2024 he'll go on to have 4000 hits easily before his 38th birthday in the year 2044.

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    There are two active players with small chances at 4000.

    I really mean SMALL chances. Neither of them probably will do it, but we won't know for years to come.

    Derek Jeter and Miguel Cabrera. Based upon their ages, their careers to date, and their most recent seasons, they have a chance -- about 1% maximum -- of reaching 4000 hits.

    Suzuki... is an outlier. It's hard to predict him; well, actually it's easy, but I expect he'll defy a lot of predictions made today. He's already in his 30s, but he has a thin, wiry physique that could let him keep playing at a high level for a very long time. We just don't know what he might do, and there's no one in MLB history who makes a really good comp. So we'll just have to see. Add in his hits from his years in Japan and, yeah, I expect he'll reach 4000 that way.

    Source(s): Ichiro had 1278 hits in his nine seasons with Orix: http://www.japanesebaseball.com/players/player.jsp...
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    That will be difficult to see. The same reason there are so many home runs is the same reason there will be less hits. Back in the days when Cobb played in the beginning of the twentieth century (and even rose in the 60's - 80's) ball parks were so large that the outfielders had more ground to cover and hence, couldn't get to all the balls as easily. Nowadays your better non homer-hitting hitters are flying out instead of splitting the gap. So there will be A decrease in hitters even getting to 3,00 hits. There are other reasons why, but this one just isn't talked about as much.

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    Ichiro will not get 4000 hits. He played in Japan for a long time so he won't have the time to do it. If anyone can do it, it would be Jeter. I hate the yankees and Jeter but he is one hell of a ball player.

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    Rose took about 115 years to get to 4000 hits and was only there because he was the manager (any other team wouldn't have had him on the roster).

    It's unlikely in this age of shortened careers and the emphasis on the long ball that someone will

    1) start early enough

    2) not be so taken in by the long ball to get those singles

    3) not be patient enough to walk a lot

    4) have a very long career.

    5) or someone has to start hitting .400 in a season.

    Remember 200 hits is a big thing still and you have to do that for 20 years. Same with Ryan's (over rated) strikeout record. You have to strike out 300 for 19 years to get it.

    I think Sir Bet a lot's record is safe for now.

    Source(s): Just a note to other posters, he did say Future major leaguers, Jeter is a current Major leaguer.
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    Eventually, the person has to be a hit machine though and play for a long time. Ichiro won't be able to because he came over here too late, but he might get a combined 4000 in Japan and the Majors.

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    I think so but I question how many of the hits went without the use of steroids. It's just hard to trust baseball these days. Hope something happens that brings back the faith in the game.

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