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i woke up and my nose started to bleed heavy?

whats wrong with my nose? i woke up this morning and it started to bleed a; lot also i bleed out of my mouth?,urgent response needed.

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    Your nose sometimes bleeds when their are changes in the atmosphere around you or when the air is dry and the membranes get dried out. Just use some saline nose spray and possibly get a humidifyer for your bedroom. The blood from you nose might be dripping down your throat before you can stop it. Just drink lots of water. Mention it to your doctor on your next visit too.

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    only flow and notice your healthcare professional they're going to be waiting to quarterise your nostril in the medical doctors room its quite uncomplicated they only stick one among those tournament stick form thingy up your nostril and it's going to seal the internal nostril and supply up the bleeding - and doesnt injury

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    I dont really know about this but u should really go to the Dr.

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