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Snorkel question.?

If i was to buy a snorkel for my toyota tacoma would i have to water proof my my doors as to not let water destroy my interior or would they be fine? Some help?

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    It's always a good idea to improve the seals around the doors if your planing on swiming the car. rather you want your interior in tacked or not there are other things to worry about, Like the computer, fuse panel, and other electircal parts that are exposed in side the car. Seal it up.

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    I would seal up everything that i could. I have a Tacoma and on some of the early ones you have a distributor instead of coil packs. Here's where your problem will be. Coat the inside of your doors(removing the door panels) with some inner panel rust protectant. You can purchase some at an automotive paint supply store, i recommend 3M products. Make sure you clean up after 4 wheelin'. The body's on these usually rust before the motor gives up.

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    I served on a sub. Maybe you better get a ship. Like the advertisement says, you are specting to much.

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    Seal it up

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    your engine might stall

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