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Doberman names!?

My mom has finally decided to breed my female doberman pinscher and I get one of the puppies. Now Casey (the mama) has WONDERFUL bloodlines. Her daddy is Camelots Excalibur (not that you guys would know who he is) and her grandfather is a WORLD champion dog show dog. He has won like 4 shows in the world, including the United States.

Im pretty sure Im getting a little girl. Any suggestions on name? I know part of her name is going to be Casey Mae's Princess... I want a cute long version of a name so I can shorten it like Abigal into Abby (I dont like Abby) Any suggestions!?


And she will be registered. Oh and if I decide on a boy, it'll be Casey Mae's Prince...

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    Good for you. I know you are so excited. I would be myself. My two females are named Velvet, since her coat reminds me & feels so much like black velvet The other was named Desire ( De-sire) since she was truly my heart's desire to have her as part of my family. Here is a great site with thousands of great dog's names Good luck on your search & I hope you find that perfect name!!!

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    How about Tequila?

    I have a male dog I named Whiskey and everybody likes the name and laughs and asks how I got the idea.

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    There are some really good sites you can find that will supply you with plenty names! (That was you can like the name more than if we give you some).

    Just look up Girl/Boy names baby/dog on google.

    Tho i personally like Madelene (Madi)

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    Might depend on color? But since most show lines I've seen are jet back....(sorry i don't have any loooong names lol)








    Berlin (german)

    (sorry, know these aren't what your really looking for lol)

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    Issabelle to issy

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    Anastasia and go Anna for short.

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    Gabriella nicknames:Gabrielle, or gabby

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    Elizabeth (liz)

    Guenevere (Gwen)

    Kashmir (Kash)

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    if its a girl - freya- i dont really know about a boy though

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    Brittney(Britt) or david(dave)

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