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I'm an idiot when it comes to talking to girls.Any tips?

I can evaluate integrals and derivatives of calculus in my head but of course that's no help.But I've met this gorgeous girl and I really want to be with her as in girlfriend be with her.The problem is that she's more of the blond type and I'm a nerd.She's so obviously way out of my league but I gotta do something.I gotta at least try.After all shouldnt a man's reach exceed his grasp?Really appreciate answers and yes i have her phone number and she has mine-to no avail.its not like I'll ever call her.And if you're a jerk,please,save it.thanks.


thank you everyone for your answers including the weird guy who told me about some wyoming you have replied to this question please have some way i can contact you and give you some feedback.just click on your options and allow email and/or im.thanks.

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    you shouldn't worry about it , I think that if you just be yourself and be the great guy that she loves . Then you'll be ok. Good Luck !!! Hope this helps you a lot or at least some.

    Ps. Don't listen to the people that say you can't. Listen to yourself and say yes i can and go for it !!!!!!

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    The first thing I would do is improve your sense of what you deserve in life. She's "out of your league?" How? Because she had a few more numbers bounce her way in the Great Genetic Lottery? She still has problems, hopes, dreams, and fears like just like the rest of us. Find out what these are, then show how your unique qualities can help her get what she desperately wants. This may be nothing more than a fun night on the town, sympathy for her latest issues, or even a deep and abiding respect and understanding of the world of second derivatives and triple integrals.

    Stories work great for talking with women; make sure that these are authentic, entertaining, usually humorous, but also convey a sense of who you are, and where you are going in life. You can also talk about current events for people in entertainment (Paris Hilton, etc.); they usually lead rich lives, and have lots of topics that lend themselves to light conversation. Once she's warmed up to you a little, then you can always talk about your insights on sex, confidently and unapologetically. Yes, most guys would never do this.... which is precisely why most guys run around frustrated and single. If nothing else, you'll get a very quick read on if she's the least bit interested in you. If she is, great, but don't worry too much about it; if she is not interested, great, just be cool and don't worry too much about it.

    Getting good at talking with girls (and people in general) is just a skill. Like any skill, it takes practice, so when the big opportunities come up, you are ready to go, and have the best chance possible (assuming that a relationship ever could work in the first place). Don't sweat the feedback from any one girl, and you should do fine....

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    Go for it! Really if the girl you like is worth having then she'll give you a shot! Also if you basing it only on looks don't. Sometimes girls who aren't the gorgeous blondes are the ones who are worth getting to know. If you really think this girl has more to her, then you should talk to her more and make it more obvious that you're interested. She may just be the flirty type so don't automatically get your hopes up. Once you've been talking for a while ask her casually to do something. Nothing big of course, but something like getting coffee or taking a walk would be easy enough. If she's a little hesitant then back off for a while with the liking her part. Just be friends and she'll learn that you're worth knowing and liking back

    hope i helped =]

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    If the question is do we have tips for you on talking to girls, generally its better to just speak from your heart. (I know some guys are choking on their own laughter right now. Ha ha) Truth of the matter is, the more you try to be someone you're not, the more you make up, the more that is not you the more she'll get an impression of you that isn't true and harder to remember, recall, and/or redo.

    In the end, bud, the girl has to like something in you just as much as you like what you see in her.

    PS: I don't necessarily believe the being-out-of-my-league argument. Have you seen how ugly some of those cats are out there with beautiful women by their side?? Its a whole lot of good luck and fortune! =)

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    I've always found the best way to talk to girls is to simply have a conversation ie. Don't talk for the sole reason of getting to "Will you go out with me?" Sometimes I do that, but only if I don't see her on a regular basis or dont have the chance for a real conversation. If I'm romantically interested, I'll ask her questions to let her know I'm interested in her and slide in a flirtatious compliment if I can.

    It takes practice. When you realize that there will be many girls you find attractive, it's much easier to to just chill and have fun with the present one.

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    No one is an idiot a girl would like you the way you're this is what makes you different to those other guys but if you want some tips since you like reading go to the library and read some romance book's or books on how to spit your game at a girl.

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    If you have to , you have to so go for it....... CALL HER !! The key is just try to relax and be yourself. If you keep telling yourself you're gonna mess it up there is no doubt that you will do exactly that. Quit being so negative about who you are cause that's the first thing people notice. Not really a good thing , especially with women/ girls. Take care and good luck : )

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    ok heres the thing, if shes popular and ditsy shes pry a brat, or whore... look at her past boyfriends and evaluate from them, calculus? senior in high school i take it? u must know something about her, try a conversation starter... dont be all shy, be layed back not like surfer bum stoner layed back but just cooled down n that kinda stuff...

    convo starters...



    you: u know who this is?

    her: *if she says yes* say well how did you know that?

    *if she says no* say well this is (your name)

    you: so what u doin

    she replys

    you: oic, i was just wonderin when you were free so i could take you out for ice cream or lunch sometime...

    if shes kind and takes up the offer u might have a chance

    if shes a snobby b**** and insults you shes obviously not worth your time...

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    Well unfortunetly you just answered your own question when you said you won't call her. I have seen many a nerd with a beautiful blonde girl. Just go for it, be yourself, what have you got to loose. If you don't you will always wonder what if... Call, ask if she would like to go to starbucks for a coffe, remember if you aren't comfortable with who you are nobody will be. How is it you have her number in the first place? She is probably wondering why you have not called her yet.

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    Imagine the conversation you WANT to have, and play it over in your head.

    Ideally, how do you sound? What do you talk about? How's your attitude?

    Once you really get a feel for it, and how you want to direct the conversation, just be confident and don't freak!! She's just a girl. Another human being on the planet earth. :D

    You'll do GREAT. Let your qualities shine through. Do not be afraid!

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