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How could i make..?

the sleeves for this goth costume...

i have a black dress, white pants, socks and shoes but i need to make the sleeves (and im a teen).


1. does anyone have any ideas on what i could do with my hair because im blonde and black hair spray could be dangerous for my hair but i dont want to pay a lot on an expensive wig-what else would look just as effective?

2. I don't have the little apron thing but im not sure if i could make a simple version of that with the leftover white fabric from the sleeves.

the fabcric is justa sorta partially stretchy white fabric sorry dont have more info and the sleeves i want to simplify em somewhat cause im not the best at sewing and stuff.

any ideas would be great thanks heaps..

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    The best way to add sleeves, if you are not a seamstress is to wear a sleeved t-shirt under the dress. If you want white sleeves get a white, long sleeved t-shirt.

    For the hair, I agree with you on the black spray. Don't use it. You may damage your natural blonde color. Why not try some sort of hat, cap, or bandana? That way you could pull your hair up underneath.

    I am not sure what type of apron you are talking about. Sometimes you can buy a piece at wal-mart or thrift store and dye it black.

    Good luck. I am a seamstress and would love to help you if you were in Northern Nevada. lol Hope it works out!

  • audri
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    are you wanting to make arm-warmers or sleeves? for armwarmers; check out these instructions:

    that project doesn't require any sewing, just some black tube socks, or whatever color you want to go with.

    with hair, for a gothic look, check out your local walmart or fabric store, browse the bargain bins first, and look for a black square of lace. use that as a headwrap or something like a 'veil'.

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