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How To Add A Second Person As A Moderator In The Group That I Own?

I am the owner of this group,I want to make one of the members as moderator as I am not well

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    1. Sign in to the group and click the "Members" link. Locate the member you wish to promote to Moderator.

    2. Click on the Edit Membership link located right underneath the member's name.

    3. Under Membership Privileges, click on Change to Moderator.

    4. Click on the Make Moderator button to confirm.

    The moderator you appoint will have basic privileges in the group features you've made available, including Files, Calendar, Polls, Database, and Links. In these areas, the moderator will be able to add, edit, and delete items, including items submitted by other members.

    You also have the option of assigning advanced moderator privileges to the moderator for the Messages, Members, and Settings areas. If the new moderator does not work out, you can change him/her back to member status.

    I advise you to be very cautious and not assign the privilege of deleting the group or deleting members. He/she could delete the group. Also, he/she could remove you from the group or change your status back to a member only with no privileges.

    Source(s): My own personal experience.
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