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Breast Feeding?

I am out of the hospital now and having some trouble latching her on and I need help I have cried to much I need help why cant I do it

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    I'm not sure if that link will transfer but if you go to they have a great video showing how to help your baby latch.

    But you need to stop, take a deep breath, and call the nurse hotline at your nearest children's hospital. They will give you a number for lactation just need someone to show you...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

    You're tired, and frustrated, and coursing with will be OKAY.

    Read what other women have written and if you're having trouble get some help in person...but more than anything else you need to remember one thing YOU AND YOUR BABY WILL BE OKAY!!! You can breastfeed! you just need a little help.....even if you have to march yourself to your nearest labor and delivery unit and get someone to help you right this minute then do it-don't feel bad about getting the help you need to be successful...and GET SOME REST! Good luck to you

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    Have a glass of water (every time you sit to nurse!) or better yet some warm tea (helps with letdown) and relax, both are important for nursing. Babies position her as is comfortable and line up her mouth with your nipple (she should come to you so you don't lean over funny) Use pillows as needed. Take your breast and squeeze it into a 'sandwich shape' for her to take a 'bite' of and touch the nipple to the lips and chip to open her mouth. When it is wide, put her on. Facing into you. (Her nose makes an indent for her to breath). If you need, squeeze out a bit of colostrum to touch to her lips too.

    When she starts feeding you will see her jaw move a bit just by the ear and may hear a little gulping sound.

    Call your hospital for the lactation consultant (usually free) or if none are around you call a LLL leader for help.

    It can be frustrating at the beginning, but you are giving her a great start! You ~can~ do it, you just have to learn how.

    Good Luck

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    You need to relax and realize that the more stressed you are the harder it will be for you to latch her on. Try a different position. The football hold works for some people. The main thing is to make sure that her body is straight and she is on her side (stomach to stomach) and you bring her head up to you. Tease her check with your breast and let her open her mouth fully before you offer it to her.

    The first 2 weeks are the hardest, but once you get past that it's pretty easy.

    Remember, your not a failure as a mother if you don't breast feed. It's the love that you give your child that matters not where they get their food. Hang in there.

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    I know that it's very hard to get started sometimes. It's normal to need lots of help. Read this, and watch the animation:

    Congratulations, and good luck. Find a lactation consultant ASAP, and call La Leche League!

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    First tease her with the nipple and pull with your forefinger on her chin to get her to open up wider. If you have more problems, go in to see the lactation consultant at the hospital. They are awesome. Keep at it. Not only is it the healthiest thing you can give your child, but it's also cheap (free, actually) and it burns more than 500 calories a day (which is great when you want to shed those pregnancy pounds!) You're doing a great job... almost everyone gets a little frustrated in the beginning.

    Source(s): I've been breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter since she was born and am going to until she is at least a year. It's fantastic. I love the bonding time. Keep at it!!! :)
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    heres a few resources to help

    the nursing mothers companion

    get a hold of a lactation consultant as soon as you can. You can also call the hospital and ask to speak with one of the nurses. Some hospitals have lactation consultants on staff.

    Learning to breastfeed takes practice. Don't be hard on yourself. Do the best you can.

    If you are engogred express some milk first. Tickle her lips with your nipple and watch for her to open her mouth, try expressing some milk so that it sits on your nipple. make sure your entire(or most of) your aerola(the dark are surrounding the nipple) is in her mouth and that her lips are flared. My biggest challange was getting the lower lip to flare outward.

    try different positions. I found side laying in bed and the football hold helped when my son was tiny. Use support pillows. lansinoh really helps with sore nipples.

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    I had alot of trouble getting my daughter to latch also, it took about 2 weeks before we actually got it really right. When nothing else worked, I used the football hold with baby on a pillow beside me and my arm under her, moving her up to my breast. also for my baby, rubbing on her lower lip/chin/cheek did not work. I rub my nipple along her upper lip. and when trying to latch, aim your nipple toward the roof of her mouth--that may help. good luck!

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    Get help NOW in person. Or at the very least first thing in the morning:

    Free breastfeeding assistance

    La Leche League

    International - Local numbers only




    And look at these diagrams in the meantime:


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    You need someone to come over and show you. Do you have a friend or relative that has breastfed? If not, contact your local la leche league. Also call your ob/gyn - they can refer you to a lactation consultant.

    It's rough at first. I don't know what I would've done if my mom hadn't stayed with me for a week.

    I'm sure you and your little one will figure this out!

    Good luck.

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    Call La Leche League right away, someone will come help you!

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