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Why did the Immigration bill in Congress get defeated so resoundly? Was this the correct outcome?

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    Oh Yeah! it was defeated so easily because it was bad for the American people and good for the illegal immigrants. In the end there where so many calls, letters and emails sent to the various congress members from those who are naturalized citizens and those who are waiting to become citizens that they just could not muster enough votes to pass the bill. I say R.I.P. Now if that isn't a strong message to the illegals, I don't what is.

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    It was not defeated, the vote was not to vote on it.


    The same bill has been revamped under a new name,

    this is what is in the current debate. Despite an 80 %

    objection to this bill.


    One of the major reasons that the U. S. gov was made,

    was to "protect our borders",and "promote the

    general welfare ",

    Past items

    We did this about 40 years ago.

    We did this about 20 years ago.

    Each time the gov was going to secure the

    influx of people comming into the U. S.

    All the gov did was to make some of these people

    a legal U. S immigrent, about 30 percent.

    Now me "personal outlook"

    I do not care who enters our country or who

    adopts the U. S. as the country of choice.

    The gov cannot confirm who you are in less than

    3 mo, (try to get a visa, if you have papers).

    To do what the gov said would take over 1 million

    new people (in gov), for 3million (new) and that

    is not including

    background checks, (In the first year).

  • Matt W
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    The defeat was well earned. The bill had support only from those who were in on the deal. The votes against cloture were from both sides of the aisle and the key is that for such a complex issue, the leadership was asking for the end of debate. Clearly, no one involved in working for the bill wanted anyone to really look at it too closely. Cloture is for when substantive discussion is complete and there are nuisance items remaining on the agenda. That was not the case here and the lack of cloture is something anyone with an interest in the issue can back.

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    If a bill passed after the majority said no, then something is out of whack somewhere. If a bill dies because the majority says no, well, that's how it is supposed to work, that's the correct outcome.

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    Well, it certainly was a correct outcome for those here illegally.....they can all go back to work now and continue with their new lives in America.

    Immigration reform is dead.

    They know - and so should everyone - that it is impossible to find 12 million people - much less round them up and deport them.

    So, it's back to the status quo for them and for us.

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    Because it's amnesty. Illegal aliens deserve nothing from the American government. They should be denied work and a place to live. When we do that, they will go home. If they want to stay, they need to go through the legal process to become Americans.

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    this was just a political ploy, The Democratic party new it would never pass. but made for good PR with the Latino voters. Votes my friends that all it's about.

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    The majority of US voters were opposed to the Bill.

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    It was the only outcome, the bill was garbage of the first order!

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    Has anybody thought about what would happen to the economy if they were to expel all of the illegal immigrants?

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