Model material?

What is considered " model material "? My measurments are bust - 32 waist- 24 and hip- 36. Sorry i dont have any pics.


I am a black girl with dark brown eyes, long curly eyelashes, a small nose and ears, and regular sized lips. i get complements all the time when im shopping sbout how pretty i am, and i dont wear that much make up. i am 13 and 5 feet and 1 inch. ( i kno, i need 2 grow some more. =)

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    Well at 5'1 and 13, you are not likely to grow to 5'9 which is the height of most runway models (some of them are 5'6 -5'7 -ish, but that doesnt happen often). Well you could always try your luck at comercial modeling, who knows you might make some money out of it. There is also hip hop modeling and alternative modeling, You should do some research on modeling agencies in your area, if you really want to persuit.

    But remember this:

    - If an agency asks you for money up front, its most likely an scam.

    - If they reject you its not because you arent pretty, but because you dont have the look they're looking for at the moment.

    - Talk to your parents about your desire to persue modeling.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    The average measurements of a model are 33-23-33 and you are very close. You could probably have a good chance of being a model.

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    1 decade ago

    LOL i dont know what you look like, but for any body types, there are alot of different modeling options. a good thing to be is tall, but you dont have to be skinny like those fools walking around now a days. Maybe you should specify what area of modeling you want to be in.?

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    Well Theres all differnet kinds of modeling you can do really size doesnt matter i got offered to model from my pics on myspace"

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  • 1 decade ago

    its a model search it was on the radio from ages 13-25 but i dont known if they still have it

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    If you are really interested you should submit polaroids of yourself to an agency. They can determine if you are model material. Also, confidence and height also matter ;)

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