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does baking soda really work to whiten your teeth

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    Baking Soda?

    Brushing with baking soda makes alkaline and keeps the mouth fresh and clean. It can be mixed with sea salt.

    Yet, I think it is best to also keep the teeth white from the inside that is, with a proper alkaline-forming diet. There are many books on the market covering this subject.

    One of my "tooth white" favorites is sunflower paste. It can be self-made from soaked sunflowers, balsamic vinegar, almond butter, rock salt and spices like basil, oregano, and/or turmeric.

    Also rinsing the mouth with sunflower oil helps to keep it clean. The oil is kept in the mouth as long as possible. preferably 10-15 minutes. Then it is rinsed out carefully, for a lot of bad bacteria may be in the oil.

    The type of fluoride added to city drinking water and tooth paste (sodium fluoride), makes the teeth hard but brittle and may later lead to stained spots. Calcium Fluoride, a Schuessler Tissue Salt, is a mineral and helps to keep the teeth white, best taken along with Calcium Phosphoricum, Silcea and Natrum Muriaticum, all Schuessler Tissue Salts.

    Wishing you the whitest teeth ever.

    Cordially, India.Magica

    Source(s): experiments and experience
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    Yes. Within a few weeks of brushing, you should see significant results.

    Dab a wet brush in a bit of baking soda and brush with that.

    There is a myth that baking soda is too abrasive and will destroy your enamel. Here are the facts: The key ingredient in toothpaste is calcium. The calcium is there because it's small hard crystals that work deep in the grooves of your teeth to get all the crap out -- much smaller that bristles, so all those toothbrushes that say they work deeper in your teeth is a ploy. Then there's the stuff that makes it pasty, taste good, nice colour, and then there's formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is nothing to be concerned about. It's the formaldehyde that preserves childrens' teeth. That's why you don't swallow toothpaste.

    In addition, tooth enamel is stronger than metal. From this respect, it is unreasonable to suggest that abrasive damage from baking soda.

    As for the chemistry, baking soda is perfectly fine. Enamel decay is caused by acidity (think of those sour key candies -- they are sour because of the sugar, and it is the sugar that causes cavities).

    Bleach is an acid (Cl2(aq) + H2O(l) ---> 2H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + ClO-(aq)), and that is why is slowly decays your enamel.

    Baking soda (Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O ---> 2NaHCO3 ) is slightly basic (the bicarbonate disosciates into HCO3- ---> CO2 + OH- ), just like your mouth. It is not acidic and will not damage your enamel.

    Another thing to consider is hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash. Here's what you must consider: don't use them! The bacteria in your mouth are what protect your teeth from decay, and mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide kill them all. Hydrogen peroxide is also an acid, and leads to tooth decay. Baking soda will do a little of that, which is why you must rinse your mouth well after using it.

    Sodium bicarbonate is actually healthy. It's an antacid (Tums is pretty much baking soda tablets).

    It's ok to brush your teeth with it and it will certainly work. But be sure to rinse your mouth out properly afterwards. To be sure, brush your teeth a second time once you've used the baking soda.

    Source(s): -Johnson, Clarke, 1998. "Biology of the Human Dentition" -Dr. Bailey Bodkins. Bleach. Philedelphia: Virginia Printing Press 1995.
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    i'm pretty sure it helps a little but if you really want to whiten your teeth and get good results, you're going to have to pay. Crest Whitestrips are affordable and they DO WORK.

    baking soda is more mainly for odor control.

    dentists will also suggest Gly-oxide. it can be found at drug stores. it works well and is not harsh (it's also cheaper).

    A few drops of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a heaped teaspoon full of baking soda will make a paste adequate to control the further yellowing of teeth and bring back their youthful and lustrous white in just a few months time. Brush thoroughly with this paste after mixing on a tissue or in a Dixie cup. Rinse thoroughly after with water or a good mouthwash such as Listerine.

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    Yes it does and it's good for fresh spills as well. Lets say you spill some red wine on a white rug like someone I know did

    (it wasn't definitely not, no way.......OK, i did it), just cover the spill generously with baking soda let it dry and then vacuum it right up

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    Yes, it's work, give is a try....

    baking soda can do a lot of stuff.

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    well my grandma used it on me and i couldnt take it cause of the taste so it was hard but i dont think it works unless you like tha taste and do it often an mix a little water in with it i think

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    yes but u'll notice the difference in like a month, not rigt away

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    yeppers! tastes kinda icky tho!

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    I've heard that before.

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