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How much would you pay a handyman?

How much would you pay a handyman to:

1. replace a bathroom fan that included cutting a larger hole in the celing to make room for the new fan?

2. replace a celing fan? the old one has already been removed

3. replace two outside flood lights?

4. install an 8ft flouresenct light in the garage that included putting the light together (Home Depot purchase)?

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    For a licensed, insured electrician like myself to come to your house and do work ....the service charge plus labor = 50 dollars for first hour....35 dollars per hour for each additional hour...if i have to go buy parts that hour also costs 50 dollars...if your contractor goes to a retailer like home depot to buy parts and then resale them to you at more than what you could pay at home depot yourself get a different contractor....I buy my parts from a wholesaler and then sale them to you for less than you could buy them at home depot or if it took 3 hours at 50 +35 +35 that would be 120 dollars + whatever extra parts you may need and i would probably have most of these on my service vehicle....the reason for the higher first hour charge and the high labor cost is to pay for the classes and insurance i have to have and go to in order to have a license so i can come and work for you ...this would also include gas and insurance for my service vehicle and upkeep on you see when all is said and done i probably only cleared about one third of the actual cost of what i charged you as my personel income...thats means after taxes and all other work expenses i made about 45 dollars for that 3 hours of if the cost of living and expenses for having a business is higher in your area than my area then you may have to pay more than what i quoted for the same job...

    Source(s): 40 years licensed master hvac tech, licensed master electrician, certified oil and gas burneer tech....
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    I would say it would take about 4-5 hours max to do and @$30 an hour. You shouldn't pay no more than $200 if there is no major re-wiring or anything.

    Source(s): I'm a local contractor
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    I'm a handy man and have been one for 29 years. If all the work you are saying is as simple as it seems and I don't have to get into any major construction, major repairs, tearing into walls or cielings, major electrical wiring from the fuse box, and running back and forth to home depot because what you bought didn't work out, it would be $15.00 an Hr.

    But many times when people call me and they say " well all you have to do is this or that, " It ends up being a major problem from some else who tried to fix or repair the " this or that"

    But I find now a days a good handy man get's $15.00 to $20.00 an hour but I would get some referances from other people that hired him and see what kind of work he did. Because there are rip off handy men around so be carefull.

    Sincerely yours,

    Fred M. Hunter

    Source(s): Retiered Tech Advisor
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    It would depend on how long it took him to do the job. There may be other things involved than you have mentioned. I would figure no less than a 100 anyway. Maybe up to $200, if it took him all day or more. good luck.

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    USA Pennsylvania I get $25 per hour, because I do the work right / according to code, and care about the customer.

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    While keeping in mind that your hiring someone to do electrical work, make sure thier licensed to do this type of work.

    When I retired in '07 it was at $48.00 an hour. I had a helper and guarenteed the work, had 47 years experience. I was licensed and had insurance, was bonded.

    Source(s): retired contractor 47 years
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    I charge 50.00 per hour and that sounds like about 3 hours of work. I work pretty quickly and I do exellent work, and I clean up after myself.

    Source(s): I am a professional pest control operator and handyman
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    i charge 350 a day for myself but i do mostly millwork and cabinets and furniture, but id say you need to get a lic electrician for the electrical i never mess with it other then in the demo process and that's after the electrician has showed me what he wants done

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    He usually will give you a bill dont worry.the bill usually consist of the stuff he bought and how much he charges an hour/and or day.

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